1 Oct 2016

Buying and selling on the Internet these days has indeed been growing so rapidly. Not only in the process of an increasingly diverse transactions, now also has appeared a new virtual currency called Bitcoin. Maybe some of you there who do not know even the first hearing his name.

However, since introduced in 2009, this unique currency in fact begin to be used by most actors in the eCommerce world. More details following a review of whether and how the role of Bitcoin as a means of online transactions.

Definition and History Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can be used to transact online. When asked how this form of currency, which clearly shaped not like a physical currency issued by a bank and not a currency of a country. The shape of this unique currency is just a file like ordinary general files.

The file is encryption of unique codes that make it not the same with one another. And as mp3 files or word that you have on your computer equipment, Bitcoin files can also be stored in a computer or a flash disk or software called Digital Bitcoin Wallet. In addition Bitcoin can also be saved in Bitcoin storage services in the Internet cloud shaped like a social.

According to some sources, the history of the birth of Bitcoin began in 2007. A computer experts to try to develop a virtual currency system that is completely new models are not bound by any party or authority. The man was named Satoshi Nakamoto. The man from Japan is claimed to develop Bitcoin for 2 years and started to take it off in the world of the Internet in 2009 and eventually spread to the present.

However, there are some experts who claim that the inventor is a fictitious name and no real person with that name. There are some experts who claim that the currency Bitcoin is something that is created by a person or group of people who really want to create a new perception in the world of online transactions. And the ultimate goal of course to take advantage.

Bitcoin deployment

When asked how the value of the currency as well as the deployment of Bitcoin. Regarding the current distribution Bitcoin has spread almost all over the world. However there are some countries that have firmly rejected the use of currency Bitcoin as a means of online transactions. Country-the country include China and Singapore, the country has refused the use of Bitcoin as a means of buying and selling legitimate because it is not safe. In addition Bitcoin also feared will adversely affect the stability of online transactions in the country.

Regarding the value of Bitcoin, if on-the-exchange rate with the US dollar, some parties claimed that the current value of 1 bitcoin or 1B (symbol Bitcoin) valued at $ 195 dollars. However, the value will continue to change according to where the number of Bitcoin that exist today. Until now there are 21 million are estimated to have increased 25 Bitcoin Bitcoin per minute throughout the world.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin

The advantages of Bitcoin as payment instrument is that it is simple and concise. Bitcoin is a means of transaction per person and only people who can use it to hold it. In addition to using it too, we do not need to include personal information such as the currency bank or other online transaction accounts. This course provides information security of the owner.

The loss of the use of Bitcoin is because its shape is just a file, allowing Bitcoin becomes damaged / lost / deleted if something happens to the device where we store the Bitcoin. And the biggest drawback is that Bitcoin is a transaction tool that is present because there is a will and trust of its users. This allows a current Bitcoin could really not worth because there is no one wants to use the currency.
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Bitcoin currency is a result of the development of e-commerce technology is growing too massive. And for those of you who are a principal ecommerce okay to follow and understand more about the developments there, but the important thing is still maintaining the security of your transactions.

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30 Sep 2016

Technology News - Dell looks started seriously playing in the tablet industry. Only in the span of time that is not too long, an American company that has released two Android-based tablets.
Dell Technology

The latest devices released by Dell called Venue 10 7000. He was the twin brother of device announcement in early January 2015 and then, Venue 8 7000.

This new technology have a common design, both devices come with different dimensions. If Venue 8 7000 equipped with 8.4-inch screen berbentang, Venue 10 7000 equipped with a screen of 10.5 inches. The screen itself looks more "substantial" than the other Android tablets in the market.
Usually, the Android based tablet has a 7-inch landscape display of up to 8 inches.

Although larger, the screen in Dell's latest tablet still supports the same resolution, that is 2,560 x 1,600 pixels.

One of the selling points of the Venue 8 7000 is a slim size. Dell retains the advantages of the new tablet. Comes with a much larger size, Venue 10 7000 has a thickness of 6.2 mm, 0.1 mm thicker than the previous series.

The Information technology about Venue 10 7000 was not much different. As Labston quotes from AndroidAuthority, Saturday (11/04/2015), the Dell Venue 10 7000 is equipped with Intel's Atom processor Z3580, 2 GB RAM, and a 7,000 mAh battery.

The ability of an 8 megapixel camera with Sense Real 3D technology in the previous product was also present at the venue 10 7000.
The uniqueness of this new camera feels when users edit the image shooting. Technology "Intel RealSense" that allows users to adjust the focus after the image is finished.

In addition, the background color can be changed. For example, users can change the background picture to be white but remains part of the foreground color.

The device itself runs on the Android 5.0 operating system and feature Lollipop Android for Work. With this technology, Venue 10 7000 is said to be suitable for use in the office or business.

Dell Venue 10 7000 with Intel RealSense technology is available in the US, Canada, and China in the month of May. The device is priced at 499 dollars.

9 Jul 2015

If you want to create a website / blog is successful, there is one thing we need in the first rank in all search engines. Getting the highest ranking pages is not an easy way, need a big struggle and hard work. Now you have to create a blog on the topic in which you have great knowledge and create content themselves, for starters today I'll give you a bit of the latest Seo techniques in 2015 and I was just run this trick mudah2an we can all blog visitors accordance with our wishes as long as we want to work hard and want to try.
SEO 2015

Top 10 Latest SEO Techniques 2015

Website / Blog Template:
Use the template SEO friendly blogger to blogger you are easily available on the internet paid or free / free and responsive use, fit and fast loading and cell phone themes friendly and has all the browsers that suport

Proper Meta Description:
Write a good short and 140-160 characters that will explain the whole story about the content of your blog, and that will help to grow better in eGIN search results pages.

Focus On Quality Not Quantity:
Like 2015 you will focus on the quality of the content on the amount of your article. Writing articles alone and not copying of the contents of other people's web. And the article you must be at least 300 words long with correct spelling and user frendly. Avoid grammatical error in the article

SEO Frendly URL:
Use your blog posts every permalink URLs SEO friendly. Use the main keyword in the title of the post in permaling. Search Engin URL highlighting key words, and it also increases the signal for SEO

Image Optimization:
Use Alt and the Tag Titles in all images. It is also one of the renowned SEO tricks.

Backlink is a strong asset of your site as a building made of brick and your website was also requires the bricks in the form of backlinks. Create backlinks by commenting on other people's blogs in various social and of other ways, but never build backlinks to your website is too much / fast as it can be marked as Spam by Google mbah

Keyword Research:
Use keywords to find the keywords relative to your post. It is very important to choose the best keywords and high paying keywords to your post. Use keywords planning for keyword research better. Cobalaha to use keywords that long because they have a great opportunity to create a website / blog highest ratings.

Guest Post:
Guest post is one of the best methods to create quality backlinks. You have to select some page rank 1, 2 or 3 which receive and write guest posts for them. Writing articles according to your niche and choose your niche friendly site to write. Just add the link to your website in a Dofollow of your guest post.

Social Bookmarking:
Social media plays a big role in search engine optimization. Always make a facebook page in your website and also added facebook blog / website as a box in the sidebar or footer. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus is the best platform to promote your posts and getting great traffic.

Submit To Search Engine:
A sitemap is simply a directory of all the sites existing pages on your site. like a table of contents that shows the structure of your blog. Site map help search engines crawl and index your site correctly. Submit your sitemap to Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex Ping Yahoo and Ask.com search engines to get organic traffic that big and make your posts indexed by search engines

27 May 2015

Make a tattoo on a limb is sick. But, if you have Android, tattooing is not sick. Absolutely, if you want to make tattoos on the arms, shoulders, abdomen, legs or other body parts, now you can do yourself easily and fast, free too.

This time I want to discuss a little how to easily create a photo with a tattoo on Android application called "Tatoo my photo." With this tattoo application, Android users can easily attach pictures cool tattoo on the photo or image.

The first course please you install the application "Tatoo my Photo" via Play Store, free of charge. Once installed, run the application. You can immediately find a collection of photos of yourself through the Android gallery, or take a new photo with the camera.
Tatoo my photo.

Next, choose which body part to be affixed tattoos, for example arm. Then, select an existing design tattoo image and paste it into your body. Set the position to fit and blend with the skin.

Once finished, press the SAVE button to save the tattoos on your photos. You can also share photos tattoos are made to social media directly from the application "Tattoo my Photo". Good luck tattooing own body.
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19 May 2015

Business ConnectionLabston - In business a lot of things and factors that could make the journey to the pinnacle of success. One of the things or factors that strongly support the business to achieve such success is the connection. So for those business people who have a business, this connection has become something that is obligatory and be sure to have.

The more the better your relationship with this, the greater your chances of success in business. Connection or business relationship that can be derived from the customer, supplier, partner or investor will assist you in the conduct of business, or when you are in certain difficulties.

Do not forget to keep a good relationship with your business connections. Many of the businesses are just fixated on the number of connections that can be obtained. They forget that by establishing stronger relationships with associates, then the business will grow faster.

Then as if ways can be used to strengthen business connections we have? Here's his review.

1. Do Reluctant Giving
The first way to be able to strengthen business connections is given. Although this business, but that does not mean you should be able to take advantage as much as possible. In business, there are a lot of things besides just looking for profit.

Then it can not be denied that there are still many businesses are simply expecting something he could get from the binsisnya connection. Whereas mindset like this does not apply effectively to help you strengthen your business connections. Then you have to do is actually give. Give something that you can give to make the connection stronger and lasting business.

This is actually a general principle in life. Who wants to get better, then it must be willing to give in advance, instead of getting a new first give. Life sciences has taught us how the meaning of the concept of giving.

2. Share Your connection to Others
In order to win the market, generally businesses will maintain and keep the connection with meetings or business associates while he had nothing to ask. But apparently this is not a good principle to apply. Instead you will make a strong connection, sealed relationship do you have that would make you more and more business is not growing.

This happens because you do not want to open with many possibilities. Though it could be people who ask you the connection is one that can be a new business relationships and useful for you.

Hence, do not hesitate to introduce your connection to others. By distributing our connection to other people also will make us regarded as a very friendly connector and fun to work with. Finally with such a situation would make the fabric of your business is getting stronger connection and spacious.

3. Be the first person Enlightening
Further ways to strengthen business connections is to be someone who always gives enlightenment. Again, this was about the concept of giving. As a businessman, you should not be stingy to share knowledge that you have.

Share knowledge, experience and insight will not make you lose the knowledge, precisely by dividing it you will get more science banyal again. Besides getting more science, to share knowledge and insight you will likely strengthen business connections you have and expand it.

Business strengthening is obtained because when you share knowledge and enlightenment, you will be considered expert (expert). With a situation where you are perceived as an expert or an expert, then became more open opportunities to establish strong business connections and spacious.

4. Create an Interwoven Friendship Strong
Finally, by strengthening business connections is to blindly braided friendship. Although the initial concept is a business relationship, but with a more intense relationship, then indirectly fabric of your relationship will be stronger. So do not be shy and hesitant to talk about other than business at certain times.

With friendship, then you will always be connected anytime and anywhere with your relationship even between the two have had a different business or enterprise that is not the same.

17 May 2015

Want to Be Productive BloggerThis system will become much more firmly rooted and effective if you do it consistently and also run it before other activities such as opening or open #email social media. Here are some steps prolific blogger system that you can practice:

1. Finding the idea of ​​writing (10 Minutes)

The first stage in this system is to find the idea of ​​writing. Try to get the idea to write this as soon as possible. You try to find it no more than 10 minutes, so that the spirit of writing you do not quickly disappear.

Actually, the idea of ​​writing this can occur rapidly even less than 5 seconds. You do this by relying on a small note contains a collection of written ideas that you get far before you intend to write blog content. The ideas of this writing you can get from many things such as #blogwalking, reading, watching the news channel and trending topic and the streets outside the home.

2. Writing (60-90 minutes)

Once an idea is obtained, execution immediately by writing. Ideas that are not immediately written to be easily evaporate and disappear. Although ideini have you noted in the booklet, you still have to write it down immediately. If not, in many cases the idea is not immediately written in small notes will become obsolete idea, outdated or aging so that makes us lazy while writing it.

Therefore immediately to write down ideas you've been getting. Stages of writing this is a stage that takes quite a lot of time which is between 60-180 minutes, depending on the level of fluency typing, writing experience, number of words and discussions that you want to create.

To be able to write more effectively and faster, you must pay attention to the following points which separates the writing from editing, removing distractions writing (eg #internet or turn off your cell phone) and search for a place and time that is convenient for you to write.

3. Editing Posts (30-60 Minutes)

Write activity must be separated by editing. This is not the case for speeding up the process of writing it, but in it there is an element of pouring ideas are comprehensive and complete. If bloggers are required to do the writing and editing activities together, so that often happens is that some of the topics of the ideas which have been thought to be forgotten and disappeared. Because these topics are not immediately written.

Thus the activity of writing is to be separated from the activities of editing. In the process of editing the paper, you have to be faster than writing. This is due to re-examine you only have a few posts that typo, streamline and adjust sentences with the words EYD according to your ability.

This editing process itself can do with the time between 30-90 minutes, depending on experience and the number of words will be edited. If you can be faster than 30 minutes, it would be better for the process you become prolific blogger.

4. Publish (15-20 Minutes)

The last stage of the system into a productive blogger is publish. In this stage, you also should be able to make it faster than the stages of writing and editing. Keep this stage is completed in no more than 20 minutes.

Publishing this stage it can be faster because you only have to complete the writing that has been edited with some elements such as images, links or videos. These elements certainly you can make and you're looking at a lot of media, especially search engines that proved to be very fast and accurate in terms of operations.

After all stages of the system is you do well then the total time you need to create quality writing is 3 hours or can be less than that. If you are consistent and adhere to this system, it is possible you will be a productive and professional blogger. Good luck!

15 May 2015

6 Tips to Make Backlink Profile In Natural - Follow the tips below to keep the Profile link us to look natural in the eyes of the Search Engine.
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Backlink Profile In Natural

Vary Anchor Text Keyword Targeted.
This is point number one and most important in the Offpage optimization, because with so many variations of keywords then the SE will assume a natural thing (personal experience). Examples like I want to raise the main keyword is "Eating" then from 100 Backlink Profile that I will make later on there will be four variations of derivative keyword "Eating" like, "Eating" "Eating Online Info", "Eating cheap "and the percentage could be done as much as 50%" main keyword "and 50%" secondary keyword "mentioned above.

Do not Just for a high PageRank Website Pages Only.
To re-create the SE assess the optimization that we do not only look natural is always pursuing web-high pagerank web only. Because if all that happens SE will assume that it is paid links course in the Google TOS extremely prohibited and very fatal consequences later.
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Do not Forget Postings page.
Do not focus only on the homepage gives backlink website. Select the page posts that are likely quite important and you also some backlink profile to that page. By doing this shows Google that we content that others also have become a high priority for assessment.

Get All the Different Types of Links.
There are different types besides Backlink Profile, As Bloggroll links, article marketing (Blogpost), Social Network, Bookmarking and others. So do not focus on one or two types of SEO campaign alone, Kan tuh many other species ... Basically anywhere you can, as long as there is a form where we would put a web link.

Avoid Submit AutoLink.
Avoid automated programs and spam links like "submit site" or "add url". Being one of the users of this service like Google Alerts will only turn on again that we are actively looking for backlinks to increase in popularity. Focus on backlink search link where not only all webmasters can have an alias rarely use it. Read : How To Submit Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tool

Remember that Domain Age In Optimization.
Especially for a domain that is still very young, do not ever bombard the domain with hundreds of thousands baclink especially in a flash using the Software Seo. Because it would be very bad, where the main objective want to get high rankings in the SERP will actually disappear from a search (sandbox) and the worst deindex. So if possible OvciO advice for young domain2 quite a day 10 to 20 just before finding backlinks from different domain2, later if age is more than 6 months should be trained with new Bulk Backlink.

Ok, So first short tips are apparently still many novice blogger friends who do not already know, I hope can be useful in the adventures in the World of Internet Marketing
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How do I remove the ads in android either in the application or browser game? How can I block ads on android phones? Do you often see pop-up ads that suddenly appear when we open an application or when playing games or browsing while we are using a browser when we use phone / android phone? Surely you often feel upset about it tersebut.iklan arose because the android is connected to the internet. The ad will not appear if you use the android "offline".
Google has an ad blocker remove all applications from the Google Play Store. You will not be able to find application in a google ad blocker playstore. However, you can install ad-blocker use its APK file that you can download on his official website here.

Follow these steps before installing adblock plus this:

  1. Open the "Settings"> Select "Applications" ("Security" on android 4.0 and above) on your Android device.
  2. Navigate to the option "Unknown sources".
  3. Press tick to download it, and then press "OK" on the confirmation popup. Up to this step, your Android device is ready to install ad-blocker.
How to Install and Configure Adblock Plus:
  1. Open a browser on your device and download Adblock Plus for Android. Your device will receive the APK file named: adblockplusandroid-version.apk.
  2. Then Search / navigate to the file storage area that you've downloaded earlier, then tap on the file and select install. (If you open the APK file using a file manager, select Open App Manager and then click Install.)
  3. On android devices already in ROOT, after successfully installed then open Adblock Plus. It will ask for permission super user. Allow the super-user permission to Adblock Plus and after that you are able to use these applications.
  4. On android devices that are not or have not been in ROOT: You need a few steps, you must manually set the proxy your Android. You must follow the instructions here as a different user to the Android version up to 3.1 and 4.0 + etc.
  5. Now Adblock Plus will start blocking ads. You can adjust more options Adblock Plus as a list of ad filter, non-intrusive advertising, etc. in the application settings.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus - Browser Extensions

Adblock Plus is also available as a browser extension for Firefox. With this method, only the ads that appear on web pages in your browser can be blocked. Ads in apps or games that are not affected. This method works for the root and non-root.

1. If you are not yet using Firefox as a browser on Android, you can download it here. Install Mozilla Firefox and then run the browser on your device and go to the Adblock Plus add-on here. After the Add to Firefox and Install.
2. Restart your Firefox, and after that you can enjoy browsing without interruption advertising from the site. You can adjust more options Adblock Plus by going to Menu> Adblock Plus and go through the options that you can configure.

13 May 2015

Bussiness Online - This article I will explain about How to quickly get money from blogs with infolinks? What it infolinks? How much to pay? How do I apply? What are the requirements? completely peeled how to earn money from a blog with infolinks. 
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Here's my brief explanation of how the quick way to get money out of blogs by infolinks in detail.

What it infolinks?
infolinks is advertising provider's site in the form of text (not a banner), which means inserting advertisements in the form of text links within the content of your website / blog. ad links within the text will look like two bottom lines and the link could also appear as dotted link (link dotted underlined).

Who can register at infolinks?
infolinks receive a small website and blog as well, you do not need a minimum number of visitors and, of course, you do not need to pay the cost of set-up.

Does the display can be adjusted from infolinks ads on your blog and whether it will change the look of my website?
infolinks will not change the layout of your web site and will not overwrite any existing hyperlinks on your page.
When and how do I get paid by infolinks?
infolinks pay each month. The minimum payout is $ 100. You can choose to be paid via paypal, bank transfer, or through western union.

How can I check my earnings infolinks?
To check your current income you need to sign in to your infolinks account and click on the tab .infolinks report is not updated in real time but is updated once a day instead.

How do I register at infolinks?
Create an account infolinks by visiting this link infolinks registration. You can also sign up using Facebook login. After filling out the form provided, then click "JOIN" .Blog you will be approved in less than 24 hours. Ads will automatically appear after infolinks approve your registration application. Open the email you used to register earlier, open inbok of infolinks and click the link in it. This aims to confirm that your email is legitimate email. Once your account is accepted, then you can log in admin panel infolink by clicking> LOGIN> PUBLISHER existing in their main page. Once you have successfully logged in you will be taken directly to the publisher dashboard page. There you can see your earnings reports and set infolinks display on your blog.

Additional info / Tips on How to quickly get money from blogs with infolinks:

  • Many of these bloggers and blogger Indonesia outside the earning greater than google adsense using infolinks.
  • Keep your blog to speak English so quickly accepted by infolinks, I've listed Indonesian language blog but rejected.
  • If your blog Indonesian language, try to have articles that smells a little English on the main page of your blog at the time of registration. I outsmart my blog with it and thank God accepted.
  • If it is accepted try infolinks ads in places that are likely many will click on it.
  • Boost traffic to your blog to increase revenue from infolinks.
  • Thus my short article about how quick way to earn money from a blog with infolinks, hopefully after reading this article you can be excited in making money from blogs.