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Definition On Page And Off Page Seo Optimization

Posted by Asran K. on 28 Jan 2015

On Page SEO

The definition of SEO On Page Optimization approximately that optimization is done from within your web site. There are several things you can do, such as:

Select template SEO friendly. 
Blog template design can have advantages and disadvantages. For example, there is a template that looks interesting and beautiful, but in terms of SEO can be weak. Therefore you should select the template blog SEO friendly. Currently there are many free blog templates with a premium look yet been inserted hack SEO so be SEO friendly.

Put The Meta Tags. 
There are many types of meta tags are often used. Among other meta description. Proper use of the meta description can add the power of SEO blogs on search engines. Meta description contains information that describes the function of your blog page. Meta description appears in the snippet descriptions in the google search results. In addition to the meta description, meta keywords there anyway, meta author, etc.

Pairs of keywords in the title / title of the blog.
The title is a very appropriate place to put keywords. Title / title of the blog describe the whole of the contents of your blog. Well most of the visit happened to come from readers who are interested in the title of your blog post. Therefore, to maximize the use of targeted keywords in the title / title of the blog.

Place the front of the title of the blog post title. 
Try to see the tabs at the top of your browser. Is the post title is already in front, followed by the name of your blog? Similarly, the view in the query engine. Typically, the template is not in the content of the hack, located in front of the name of the blog post title. In the search results it can result in less good, because it can cut the post title on the back. Visitors were so could not read the title of your post as a whole, especially if the title of the long posting.

Maximize solid keywords in blog posts. 
Not that you then put the keywords as much as you know, because it actually can be considered as spam by search engines. All you have to do is to adjust the position of keywords and choose the right keywords and phrases.
Speed up the loading time of your blog. If the loading time of your blog quickly, not only your visitors are happy, but google spider crawl too happy. Visitors happy because they do not have to linger for immediate reading your articles, especially for a slow connection. Medium google spider is also happy, because when crawling the time required to gather information faster. The effect of your article so more quickly indexed. Avoid the use of javascript (usually on the widget) and installation drawings excessively so that the loading time of your blog can be faster.

Off Page SEO

The definition of SEO Off Page Optimization is the opposite of On Page SEO optimization, ie optimization is done from outside your web site. All you have to do is focus on building backlinks. Reproduce inbound links (links from other websites that point to your website). The more quality links pointing to your web site, the better the reputation of your web site in the eyes of search engines. Doing link building can be done in many ways, such as by making reciprocal links both with derektori / social bookmarking or exchange links with your blog / website, register your blog and articles to social bookmarking / directory, and commented on the blog / website to leave a link in form commentator. But his comments in accordance with the quality and content yes.
That's some basic things broadly about On-page and Off-page for SEO

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