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Do You Know? How Limit of Total Posts Per Day in Blogger?

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 29 Jan 2015

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How many limit of total posts per day on Blogger so that is not considered as a spam blog? This may be a question as existing in most blog writers using the Blogger platform.

Until this time I also do not feel clear about what is the maximum amount of posts that we can write or update a day. Perhaps you at one time or there may be some friend who has suffered (including myself) that when you want to publish an article suddenly shaped verification code captcha code appearing in our blog (I think this is a warning code. Hehehe). How many limit on amount of posts a day?

Some of the information I got from the previous senior author of the blog, very confusing! some say up to 10 posts per day, some say 25 posts per day, 50 posts per day, up-to 100 posts per day. Which one is true?

Limit Amount Posts Per Day in Blogger?

The opinions above not only calculated when a new article writing but also time Update article (you know the update article? Such a long article published updated and back). But existing one idea that I think is OK in which he suggested a maximum of 20-25 Update article a day.

Update or write to 20 articles per day is safe especially if your blog contains news for example, could have written articles to 20 per day (admin own confused to write anything if 20 articles per day with its own power, the brain works, finger typing, eyes are tired, hungry stomach already, let alone this night a week, going out, the streets, looking for women.. more not connect .. hahaha).

Ok! in the opinion of the seniors out there, updated daily posts ideally 20-25 maximal post (this is only the opinion ..) if you ask me, if you've existing warning code (captcha) carefully, so as not to be considered Blog Spam by Blogger. What is your opinion? comments please!
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