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Getting to know What is Bounce Rate In Blog?

Posted by Asran K. on 31 Jan 2015

Bounce rate is the percentage of visits to the page where the visitor enters and then go from there. It could be said visitors go to your blog page for a while and then straight out (eg direct closed the window tab windows) away from the site, probably because the information sought is not found or too heavy loading pages. and finally the blog visitor tired of waiting and has not finished loading the page load is gone drift away somewhere (you can just use a mild Seo template).
bounce rate

According to wikipedia understanding of bounce rate is the percentage of visitors coming to your website and the visitor straight out without seeing any other page on your website or blog. Simply put, the bounce rate can we interpret the percentage of visitors who only visit a web page or a blog we can be interpreted that the bounce rate or bounce rate of a web can tell you if your blog visitors stay on your blog for a long time or just open your page for a while only.

How to Look Percentage Bounce Rate? Bounce rate can have a look at the tool appraiser traffic websites such as Alexa Traffic Rank, Google Analytics and others. Calculating how this Blog Bounce Rate? Read: How to Calculate Percentage Rate Bounce your blog.

The smaller percentage of a blog bounce rate the better the quality of the blog. a low bounce rate indicates that a blog or a website attractive to visitors so that visitors not only see one page of your blog but also open other pages. From the opinions of good bounce rate is roughly equivalent to 20% (Read How to Calculate Percentage Bounce Rate). However this can not be a reference, what if the blog has only one page? what is your opinion? please comment ....

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