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How to Calculate Percentage Blog Bounce Rate

Posted by Asran K. on 31 Jan 2015

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On this occasion I will share about How to Calculate Percentage Bounce Rate in your blog. Maybe some blogger friends already know what it Bounce rate in Blog, If not, you can read the article understanding and what it Bounce rate on the blog, because on this occasion I will only share how to calculate the percentage of Bounce rate on the Blog.
To calculate it, we can use the following formula but of course before using the formula at least you already have to know the data of visitors to your blog, website traffic with rater tool like Alexa Traffic Rank, Google Analytics and others. If you want to know what percentage of the bounce rate of your blog, then you can count with a simple formula below:
BR = A/B x 100%

BR = Percentage bounce rate of your blog.
A = The number of visitors to the blog that opens only one page.
B = The total number of visitors to the blog.

For example you get visitors to the blog in the past month is 1000 people. From 1000 there were 250 people the visitors who opened your blog page or just one article alone, to calculate the bounce rate using the formula above.
BR = A / B x 100%
        = 250/1000 x 100%
        = 25%

So the results obtained Bonce rate is 25%.

Well so this post on How to Calculate Percentage Blog Bounce Rate hopefully useful to you.

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