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How To Multiply Blog Visitor

Posted by Asran K. on 29 Jan 2015

How to multiply blog visitors. Of course, everyone who has a website or blog very happy if a website or blog crowded and many visitors. Actually do not need any tips or tricks that much if you want your blog visitors crowded because simple way. The following myseotrik will share simple tips for blog has a lot of visitors or crowded visitors.

If you are a beginner in the world of blogs in this case you just create a blog, write articles and then do Blogwalking. So here you have to walk to your website or blog neighbor and left behind a trail of comments. But before you do blogwalking should your first article has been indexed google.

It also you should do is if you visit websites that have a Followers widget. Be aware though that the Followers widget that this is one of the Followers widget RSS Valid HTM5. so for those of you who want to install the widget Followers valid HTML. Please Follow and leave a comment that you have follow the blog, then usually the admin of the blog that you just follow will follow back to your blog.
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Follow with each other to provide benefits in both parties, where the latest articles will appear on the dashboard Blogger Follow each other. so the more Followers blog, the better the results on your blog. It also affects where your website link is everywhere in the world of websites.

The next way is to diligently promote your blog every aspect of social media, social media that I often use to promote the article is Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. of the three social networks that have the most good effect to your website / blog is Google plus, because of course the reason is simple, social media is owned by Google. So the result is very good if you want your article perched on the first page of Google. You can also create fanspage Google Plus and Facebook fanspage your blog.
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The next way is to write articles that are useful and do not copy and paste from other people's articles. My suggestion also write articles that durable. My point here is that people search articles in months or even years.

Next is to install a lightweight template loading and her best SEO frendly to support your article to make it easier in the index of search engines like Google.

Well actually there are many tips you can do to increase visitors to your blog / how to increase blog visitors. But for now I think enough and I will continue some tips in my next article.
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