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How To Overcome The No Data Alexa

Posted by Asran K. on 29 Jan 2015

Alexa rank no data is usually because new blog is created or just replace the domain of Blogspot ke.com. Usefulness install Alexa rank is there can see the traffic and rank your blog, usually the visitor who wants to advertise will review your alexa rank, alexa rank so the smaller the better you will be judged by visitors to your blog. The question now is How to Overcome Alexa Rank No Data?

here are the tips:
  1. How to overcome the data no alexa
  2. Install the Alexa Rank Widget in Blog
  3. Install the Alexa toolbar in the browser Google Crome and Mozilla Firefox
  4. Often Blogwalking to sites that have a good alexa rank, Blogwalking to blogs that have pagerank. So look for a quality backlink.
  5. Of course update the article or write articles regularly and more often than before.
  6. Finally do not forget to plug the alexa widget in your browser. or sign in Alexa blog if you have not registered yet.

Here is to you that just changed the domain from Blogspot to your own domain. problems that occur and what you need to do to overcome them.
  1. Alexa Rank will be No Data aka Zero. To fix this, you need to register a new domain back to Alexa to obtain verification code. Replace the old Alexa verification code we with the new code and then verify in Alexa.
  2. Google Rank becomes N / A aka Zero. Google Rank will rise again over time. We must be patient, which is important we should still update our blog with new postings to our blog continues to receive visitors and the number of visits the blog remains stable.
  3. Verify your new domain back to Webmaster Tools verification code replace the old with the new Verification code. Verify to make sure our new domain accepted Webmaster.
  4. Do also re-submit your website to Bing or Yahoo. Replace the old Bing verification meta tag you with a new code as well as Alexa and Webmaster.
Ok my friend was just about how to cope with Alexa rank no data and may be useful for those who experienced the same thing above.
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