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How To Promote Blog To Be Famous

Posted by Asran K. on 28 Jan 2015

Blog promotion discussed here depend on yourself, blog promotion it takes time and a long process. Famous or not it depends on your efforts in promoting the blog. Back to the main topic, in promoting the blog there are two ways you can do. Firstly promote blogs online and offline both promote the blog. Promote Blog

How to Promote Online Blog
In promoting online blogs can be done several ways such as by utilizing social media, social bookmarking, advertisements on your blog / website and other renowned.

How to Promote Blog With Social Media
Here's one very fast media campaign to raise the popularity of your blog, social media is a place people - people interacting in the virtual world.

1. How to Promote Blog With Facebook
In promoting the blog to Facebook for the right target you need to do - things that I suggest below.
First create a new account up and then find a friend as much as possible, and choose a Facebook friend who likes to blog or a blogger as well as for the promotion of the blog so much easier and precise Subsequently joined the group - a group whose contents are the bloggers all
The next step you share your blog link either in the timeline or in a group - Facebook group by adding the words - words that can attract the readers and visitors
Promotion blogs with Facebook very quickly bring visitors, for example in a group there are 2000 members then you post a status on the article contents of the group. Then at least 25% or 500 members of the group visited your blog, imagine 500 visits only from one group alone. When you distribute your articles to multiple groups can get visitors to 2000 only from Facebook.

2. How to Promote Blog With Twitter
Promotional use twitter blog is quite difficult because, writing on twitter limited to 140 characters, so you should really make the word - the word promotion short but right on target. Promotion on twitter will be easier if you have a lot of twitter followers.
However, do not worry you can promote or blog by using the hashtag trending topic on twitter list. The trick paste that is popular hashtag on twitter on your tweets and inputs are also articles on your blog. So your tweet will be read by many people on twitter, but the number of clicks or visitors from twitter depending on the twitter users.

3. How to Promote Blog With Google Plus
Google's social media is said to be very powerful to create a blog you can be number one in Google. If a blog has a number of g + 1 that much then it is very easy to get on the first page of Google.
Then how to promote your blog on Google Plus? The answer is you can do it with your article share to Google Plus, and then invite people or friends to give g +1 on the article or blog.
How to Promote Blog With Blogwalking
Blogwalking is the most common way and the most popular carried out by the bloggers to promote their blogs. The trick Pay a visit and comments to blogs - blogs of other fellow bloggers then ask a visit back. Keep in mind with relevant comments, so your comment is addressed and may receive a visit back and lucky if you get a backlink from blogwalking activity and activities can also accelerate blogwalking reduce alexa

How to Promote Blog Posts in Forum
Similarly blogwalking activities, namuan difference here is you can write your blog posts on a forum - forums famous. The trick please you create a thread in a forum and write your blog posts in the forum then specify the source of the article. In addition to a visit you can also get backlinks.
In a forum usually there is a signature, now please fill in the signature you with the address to your blog. Then berkomentarlah the thread of others, so that people will see your comments and can enable a visit to your blog from the signature on a forum.

How to Promote Blog Offline
Ofline promotion can be done by telling a friend about your blog for a visit, it could be through newspapers, stickers and other media. You can also take advantage of events - events such as association bloggers to promote your blog.

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