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Quick Ways to Increase Alexa Rank

Posted by Asran K. on 29 Jan 2015

Quick Ways to Increase Alexa Rank - By having a slim Alexa rank is a pride in every website. Not only pride but also brings many advantages. With Seeing Alexa Rank, then your blog visitors can see the view Popularity, Traffic, and quality of your website.

Here are the tips.
Install the Alexa rank widget. 
The simplest thing is to install the Alexa rank widget on your blog. If you are still a lot alexa rank (Millions) or rank still no data is then you can see the tips HERE. Tips Alexa
Install the Alexa toolbar. 
By installing the Alexa toolbar can increase your Alexa rank quickly because there will be additional points of Alexa therefore it is advisable to install it if you want to increase your Alexa rank. Please see how to install the Alexa toolbar in Mozilla or how to install the Alexa toolbar in Google Chrome.
The second step is a step above that are often done by Blogger. But even though the two steps above you have been doing and just "quiet place", it is not going to great effect in the increase Alexa ranking of your website. Ok, next tips.

Often Update Postings.
Do not overcook Vacuum for Updating Posts. Same thing with Google, Alexa also like frequently updated blog posting. Back to traffic, The More Posts increasingly Many traffic, and more traffic then also increasingly Increase Alexa Rank.

Surely this word again no stranger to the Bloggers, because many who do ini.memang was once made alexa rank as the blogwalking and then my friend left a message on the blog that we visit by emphasizing to visit back to the blog then we will get visitors different IP. More and more visitors are different IP then will be the more traffic will go to the blog and getting better alexa value.

Look for a way backlinks blog link exchange or comment on a blog that high pagerank
This way I do and I also feel that the increase alexa rank. But in this case you should look for a quality backlink. If you like the "exchange link" should look for a blog that contains the same topic as your website.

Write the Qualified Content. 
Alexa also take into account the Bounce Rate and pageview. Quality of course content will make visitors feel at home longer stay to read the content that will be Reduced Bounce Rate. If you are using Internal links with Well then Pageview will also Rises. The better Bounce Rate and pageviews Blog, then Alexa Rank will also Heightened.

Often Update article. 
Always add articles to the blog because the article is king for the diligent update the article useful for visitors. In addition, after updating to do promotional articles to several social networking sites, which of course seek appropriate to the topic of your article.

Doing Ping blog
The way this is done so that the article has been shared can be indexed by search engines and social bookmarking sites. For example you can see here: How to SEO optimization.

Use of Social Media
As explained in the seventh step, Social Media certainly help increase blog traffic. Many popular social networking that you can use to share Blog Content, like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. Add Button - Social networking share button so that visitors easier to Distribute Your Content to Social Media.
Expand your visitors. Of course, Alexa rank very highly correlated with the number of visitors to your blog or website.
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