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Understand 5 Types Of Traffic, So That Google Adsense Account Is Not Banned

Posted by Asran K. on 31 Jan 2015

Most adsense publisher beginners fall half way through because not understand the rules google adsense in relation to how to get traffic. Traffic became one of the problems that are very classic and fundamental of the blog owner. Various attempts were made to obtain the proper method in bringing thousands of visitors into your site. Traffic is the source of the money, the greater the traffic then the chances to earn money also getting bigger. 
Once the 'expensive' it prices a traffic so many people make efforts to obtain them legally and illegally. For those of you who run a google adsense must understand the true method to bring traffic that does not violate google adsense TOS. My lack of understanding of this has made my google adsense account get a penalty. directly dibaned permanent. Therefore I would like to share a little bit so you can get good traffic and google adsense you stay safe. Here are 5 types of traffic that needs to be known. In general, the types of traffic which known are:
1. Organic traffic 
2. Direct traffic 
3. Paid traffic 
4. Exchange traffic 
5. Fake Traffic 
I will try to describe one by one with a simple language that is easily understood. I will also give some relevant examples in each description so that what I say can actually received clearly

1. Organic Traffic
Organic traffic is traffic that comes from search engine queries. People find your site from which they are fed into the keyword search box search engines like google, bing etc. This type of traffic highly favored google. Most people looking for information on the internet through search engines. Skill you use the results of the query engine is key. You need to start studying methods to optimize the search results that we know as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get organic traffic.
This type of traffic is generally safe to use for running google adsense, as long the SEO techniques used did not violate Google Adsense TOS (White Hat SEO). Do you ever tempted to run Black Hat SEO techniques to get traffic into your site, especially if your site is installed google adsense. One of the most annoying technique of black hat SEO is the Auto Content Generator. You input a keyword into the search engine and search engine displaying search results in the form of links relevant sites. When the link is clicked you just find a site with a page containing some sentences which it contains keywords that we are looking for. What we expect is a web page which contains a variety of interesting information which packaged in a quality article.

5 steps below you can apply to get organic traffic in accordance with the existing policy of google adsense.
  1. Use the right keywords. [Google Keyword Planner will help you]
  2. Optimize SEO Onpage having regard to the composition of the keywords in the article [title, meta tags, headings, subheadnig, image]
  3. Update your site regularly contains.
  4. Optimize SEO Offpage to build quality backlinks [guest blog posts, forum posts etc.]
  5. Monitor SEO performer which applied, adjust with google adsense policies which frequently changed.

2. Direct Traffic
Direct traffic is when someone visits your site by typing the name of your website into a web browser. The selection of a domain name which eyecatching, distinctive and memorable is the key to win this traffic. facebok.com, twitter.com, dream.co.id are some examples of the domain name which distinctive and memorable.
You will also get direct traffic from links that you share with others through a variety of ways. When you share something interesting, whether it be in the form of information, inspiration, solutions or just a joke then people will be interested to visit the link you provided. This method is often referred to as backlinks. Backlinks are also very attractive because it is very important to boost your site's ranking in search engines. Content sites you become king, while the backlink is queen. The more quality backlinks source obtained will greatly help increase your site ratings in the search engines. Conversely, if you create backlinks blindly it will adversely affect your website.
How to get direct traffic from quality backlinks are:

  1. Building List. You build a network with your visitors via email. You collect your site visitor via email subscribe, squeeze page or opt-in form. Then you give which information with links to your website to the visitors which email is already included in the list. There are currently building a list to be one of the strategy adopted by the managers of a large blog. You must be serious in managing building this list.
  2. Guest Blog Post. You write articles for other people's blogs. It seems a bit odd when you are still having trouble to make an interesting article, to fill contains sites you have. you even make the article to others. That should be considered is when you make an interesting article then you post into other people's blogs that are well known, it will be a lot of people which know you through writing that you create. Compare if quality article but posted into a site that is still a little visitors.
  3. Social Media Sharing. Utilizing facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, pinterest etc.
  4. Post Comments on Blog Do Follow.
  5. Registering your site into webdirectory.
  6. Utilizing backlinks generator.

3. Paid Traffic
As the name implies, then this traffic requires you to spend money. Visitors will visit your site once they see an ad impressions on the site pages visited. So you contact a site that provides advertising services, you pay money to the site to deliver ads that you create. Advertise Google, Facebook Adv are some examples. If you are using paid traffic to bring visitors into your site, make sure you understand the buying guide traffic safely from google. so that you do not get a penalty adsense.

4. Traffic Exchange
Traffic exchange is a method to bring visitors to your site by way of mutual visiting among members who are members of a network. You can exchange your website traffic by registering on the website Traffix exchange service providers like twistrix, addmefast, easyhit4u and others.
This type of traffic violates the terms of service google adsense. So you should not use this method to your site which fitted with adsense. You can use this method to the sales page the page that you can fill affiliate products from Amazon or Clickbank.

5. Fake Traffic
This traffic comes from a program run continuously in a specified period. Visit Fast, Jingling are some applications which are often used to bring thousands of visitors to your website into the fake. You can also take advantage of the collaboration between the Tor browser with iMacros script. Tor browser acts as a browser which can be alternated proxies easily with just one click, iMacros record all the activity and then rerun the activity in a specified amount.
This type of traffic is also very disliked by google adsense. Therefore, you should never use this method to bring traffic into your site which mounted google adsense.

Adsense is one way to make money online which lawful, promising and reliable. Therefore, you should really keep adsense account owned before you get a penalty for not understanding the rules of google adsense.
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