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10 Best Android Lock Screen Application

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 16 Feb 2015

Some types of Android-based devices that have indeed been providing application lock screen or lock screen. But most of the other types of Android devices may not be able to do it. So many users who have difficulty getting the lock screen apps via Google Play so that the smartphone is not considered a smartphone brands are outdated.
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Here's 10 Best Android Lock Screen Application:

Cover Lock Screen. Although the following application in beta, but the advantages of the following applications can do a great job to replace the lock screen of Android devices. One of the advantages of these features is a list of shortcuts applications that can be used to jump directly to a menu of applications you use most often.

Echo Notifications. As the name suggests, the following applications are designed for the idea that want to display the notice or notices with a glance, you can press on one of them in order to open the lock screen, then can swipe to the left to challenge. And you are also presented with a camera shortcut function is very useful. Echo is a lightweight application and does not have a noticeable effect on your battery.

Sparky. This app contains about visual presentation. Equipped with a few dozen beautiful themes and can be downloaded and selected at will so that the user can change your lock screen so it looks like the work pleases you. Unfortunately, this sparky app lock screen was not equipped with a security lock, It will make the users can not set a PIN or her pattern.

Loklok. This is not like the lock screen normally. It turns out that the screen lock is like doing painting on canvas at the time you want to turn on your phone or tablet. You will be able to see what they want to send.

Locket. This application is for users who want to be known. The following applications to learn about your interests and positions of relevant articles on topics directly in the display on your home screen to 5 times in one time. Content is drawn through a popular online publication and includes several topics such as about technology, business, sports, lifestyle, music, food, and art.

Dodo Locker. This application looks simple but powerful advantages as you want. Beautiful theme to make it look more beautiful, and the setting menu which directly activates a number of widgets and other tools. Shortcutsnya useful as an additional option for downloading and usage information.

Go Locker. This application was recorded downloaded more than 100 million people, one of the most popular lock screen app in the Play Store. This application has a large database of images in the background, a notification has been provided in a clear and simple way along a shortcut to the frequently accessed applications to users.

Locker Master. This application is very brave to give the name of the application. This lock screen theme can be downloaded as a visual focus on animation and design, without compromising functionality. Additionally you have given sidebar for commonly used applications, such as weather, missed call information, and also display BB PIN or pattern and a flashlight.

C-Locker. The following is an alternative type of application when opening the lock screen. By using this application you can choose a theme and enjoy anything on your smartphone.

Mixlocker. This application has provided users are free to choose the wallpaper totally random to be installed on your lock screen. Minimalist interface design, although little visible blocking, but there are also display the time and date, information tickers for missed calls, texts or messages, and a few other aplikas shortcuts.

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