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10 Design Concept Smartphone Future

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 28 Feb 2015

10 Design Concept Smartphone Future - History smartphone originally from ordinary mobile phones are then developed over the times and the sophistication of science and technology. We would not have thought that today would have appeared so sophisticated smartphone. Smartphones are generally only a few have a button, users use the touch screen or 10 years ago using a stylus sticks. Nokia Communicator is the first smart phone launched by Nokia with a fairly modern design in the period.
Now the design of smartphones in circulation today is very sophisticated, futuristic, modern and usually strong against impact. In the future we do not know what kind of smartphone design. The new design of this smartphone just a concept, but there are some that are prototypes. The emergence of the smartphone's future has not been announced officially by the related parties. Here are 10 design concepts in the future smartphones

10. "Flip" Smartphone featuring 3 Flexible Super AMOLED Displays

The concept of design is very amazing smartphone. There are 3 Super AMOLED screen which is very flexible and connected to each other so as to form a triangle. The concept was designed by Kristian Ulrich Larsen for Android OS smartphones. The "Flip", so the name of this smartphone, can be converted into a variety of shapes other than triangles.

9. Windows Transparent Smartphone Concept

The design concept of this smartphone "very sophisticated", with the concept of "window phone". This smartphone reflects the weather conditions at that time very real. When it rains, water droplets appear on the phone screen. If the snow, the screen appears dewy. To switch modes you simply blow the smartphone screen. This sophisticated concept designed by Song Seunghan.

8. Aqua Smartphone from Samsung

Samsung's success as a vendor of smartphones in the world. Various Samsung smartphone products are well received and enthusiastically by the community. Call it the Samsung Galaxy series along with some great success in the market. For the design concept future smartphones, Samsung created a prototype with the concept of Aqua Smartphone. The form is transparent and futuristic designer, Bon Seop from South Korea, inspired by the drawing on the water. This smartphone is equipped with AMOLED display and a futuristic graphic user interface. Touchscreen interface that is similar to water is expected to attract customers. Hope someday this smartphone will be able to be in our hands.

7. Philips Fluid Smartphone With Flexible OLED Displays

Philips also not miss create smartphone design concept into a prototype, named Philips Fluid Smartphone With Flexible OLED Display. Smartphone designed by Philips, utilize Flexible OLED Display and poured into the form of Fluid Smartphone. This smartphone is very flexible and can be formed into a thin bracelet. Maybe in the future we are required to fast-paced, practical and sophisticated. With the smartphone is in the wrist it will facilitate our activities and will not rush to bring our device, wherever we go.

6. Envei E97 Smartphone from Nokia

The design concept of the future smartphone designed by Nokia and named E97 Envei. Nokia E97 concept phone envelope Envei is very stylish, modern and futuristic. Elegant black color adds to the impression of the future. Nokia E97 Envei has a unique LCD screen such as envelopes, equipped with an AZERTY keyboard. Very impressive.

5. Transparent Smartphone from LG

LG issued a future smartphone design with Transparent concept. LG designed the concept of a smartphone with a futuristic design, revolutionary and a transparent screen. According to reports circulating this smartphone design involves graphic designer of the film. We may not be surprised if one day there will be a smartphone like this. That'S Cool.

4. Nokia HumanForm Smartphone

Nokia recently released a prototype of future smartphones. The design concept is called HumanForm Nokia smartphones. The smartphone display is transparent, flexible and unusual shape. This smartphone can be rotated, bent and very flexible made from Kinetic Device. This sophisticated smartphone is equipped with a Wiimote with a lot of buttons and can be adjusted if you do not want a lot of buttons. Very cool.

3. The Future of Smartphones: Holograms and Folding Screens of Apple Inc.

Apple is a company that paved the way for today's smartphone era. For a future smartphone design concept, it seems Apple Inc. will replay back with creating prototypes of advanced smartphones. The concept design of Apple's smartphone is packed with a very futuristic look tiny, environmentally friendly, and can be a guide in life. The information will be displayed in the form of a hologram. Very sophisticated, futuristic and modern. Holographic projector is reminiscent of the movie Star Wars, where Luke Skywalker call a Princess Leia hologram. Wow !! The future is getting closer.

2. Rollerphone, Smartphone with bracelet concept.

This is a brilliant idea, design Rollerphone with this bracelet concept can change the mobile phone industry. This concept is still a conceptual idea and have not made a prototype. Rollerphone ergonomically designed like a watch, can serve as a futuristic bracelet, can work as a mobile phone, a media center and the internet, and of course as a smartphone. Later, if the smartphone is actually created, then our hands will serve as a screen. Wow !!!

1. Toyota's Insane Concept Car Has Giant Touch-Screen Doors

This is her picture of the future of human technology. Combining a car that can function as a smartphone is a very brilliant idea and incredible. A futuristic concept cars and at the same time the world's largest smartphone designed by Toyota. Prototype recently launched named Toyota's Insane Concept Car Has Giant Touch-Screen Doors. Toyota President stated this is a "smartphone with a four-wheel". If the technology is actually created in large quantities, you need to think about how to find a safe parking so as not to scratch the screen of the smartphone. You also have to get out of the car to use the smartphone. But whatever it is, technology is something that can facilitate human life.

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