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10 Factors affecting AdSense Revenue

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 6 Feb 2015

It is to make money through google adsense not easy, at least have to work hard and has its own tricks that can generate revenue expected, there are some things we need to take note of the factors that could affect Google AdSense revenue is as follows:

1. Factor Number of Visitor

Visitor was the visitors who come to visit our blog, visitors can come from various sources, some may find our blog on social media, there are also visitors who come from the backlinks that we put on the blog comments, or visitors can come from search engines when they do search. visitor was instrumental in affecting the size of Google AdSense income, the opportunity to earn money from adsense greater, because more and more visitors, then the chances of the number of clicks on Adsense ads that we put will be many more.
10 factors google adsense revenue

2. Factors Visitor Type

To attract visitors, that we need to prioritize the organic visitors, or visitors who come to visit our blog sourced from the Google search engine, visitors of this kind could affect Cost per click (CPC) or cost perclick Google Adsense, click sourced from google search engine, greater value if we compare it with the visitors who come from other sources.

3. Factor Language

Factors languages is determine the size of the CPC Google AdSense, to get the highest value of the CPC should blog is filled with articles in English, what causes the CPC English-language articles can be larger than the Indonesian language article?, The reason is the target audience, the article English-speaking visitors targets likely to attract visitors from abroad, such as America, Britain and other foreign countries, while foreign currencies have great value when compared to the Indonesian local currency. some of the information I get, that the CPC for ads from foreign countries can be up to $ 10 up to $ 100 per click.

4. Niche Factor Blog

The size of the CPC Adsense ads greatly affected by the content of the article, google adsense ads displayed will generally adjust to the content.
Therefore, if we focus on adsense should look for niche blogs that really have a high CPC value, so that the earnings per click also will increase.

5. Factors Ad Placement Location

Location google adsense ad unit placement, is one of the factors that could affect Google AdSense revenue, good placement will affect the number of clicks on Google AdSense ads that we post, the more the number of clicks of course we get the value of the dollar will be even greater.

6. Factor Level Domain Site

Domain site with Top Level Domain (TLD) can affect the size of the CPC Google Adsense, adsense ads CPC value that we put on the site by Top Level Domains (.com, .org, .co.id, etc.) will be greater than with the CPC adsense ads posted on free blog, like .blogspot, .wordpress and others.

7. Factors Bounce Out Rate

Bounce rate is a measure of long out whether visitors hanging on your site or your blog, the more visitors linger on your site, meaning the value of the bounce out rate will be smaller, the visitors quickly leave your blog, then the value of the bounce out rate will be even greater, our task if we want to get a high CPC value is, trying to minimize the bounce out rate, how to reduce the bounce rate is at present out quality content, unique and original, the less bounce out rate, the greater the value of the CPC.

8. Factor The number and type of ads in one page

Google adsense allow us to advertise least 3 ads on a page, the more ads we put the chances of getting clicks will be many more as well, but the more ads we put on one page then the CPC for each ad will be smaller, you live wisely in determining the number of options for this ad, if the visitor has been booming, it is recommended reduce the number of ads, the CPC for 1 ad on a page would be better than the 3 ads on a page, in addition to the type and size of the advertising that we put also specify the CPC, you should choose the ads that can provide text and images are changed, and the size of the ad should choose the ads that dimension 300 x zzz, because advertising is most in demand by the advertiser, the more interest in advertising the adsense ads displayed will have a value of CPC better.

9. Factors Keywords and Quality Articles

we made a long article, quality, informative and rich in keywords, the more the content of the article, the keywords that we can be more targeted, if the keyword adsense ads will adjust the keywords in the article in question, the more variety of ad shown, the chances of getting ads with high CPC would be even better.

10. Factor Loading Blog or Site

Loading blog is one of the factors taken into account in SEO, the faster loading blog then the chances of the article to be found, the better the search engines, blog loading highly favored by the search engines or search enggine.
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