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10 most advanced technology in the world

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 27 Feb 2015

The following are 10 most advanced technology in the world today:

1. Quantum Computers
Quantum Computers

This computer is a super computer that uses the principle of "quantum physics". They say this computer will be installed at the facility the US space agency (NASA) and will be used alongside Google NASA and scientists.
Using the D-Wave Two Processor showing utilization effect called Quantum Tunnel. Make this super computer can solve some kinds of math problems just fractions of a second.
Bits quantum computers do not use but GuBits (Quantum Bits).
Access speed of supercomputers is 3,600 times faster than conventional computers.

2. Sequoia

Sequoia is rumored to be the fastest supercomputer processing speed after the carve 16.32 petaflop / s.

3. K Computer
K Computer

Previous K Computer became the fastest super computer prior to Sequoia. K computer is a device that originated from Japan developed by Fujitsu technology company brands that place in Reken Advanced Institute, Kobe, Japan.
This computer has a speed of 8.162 petaflops, or 8.162 quadrilion calculations per sec with computer efficiency ratio by 93 percent.
This computer uses SPARC64 processor 2.0GHz 8-core VIIIfx much as 68 544 672 units were placed in the closet. Each cupboard has 96 points with 6 additional computing IO. Each point is equipped computing memory of 16 GB. When each point comes 8 core processor, the overall number is 548 352 processor core.
To operate the K computer is required electrical power of 9.89 MW with an average of 4.3 megawatts.

4. Tianhe 1A
Tianhe 1A

Super computer has a speed of two thousand trillion calculations per second and can record the calculation speed of 2.6 petaflop / s. Tianhe 1A is a production of China was built at a cost of 88 million US dollars and is located in the Super Computer Center in Tianjin China National. Super computer is the fastest in the world before being defeated by K Computer from Japan in June 2011.
Tianghe-I include the Xeon processor X5670 14 336 units and 7,168 Nvidia Tesla M2050 graphics processor. The computer system is composed of 112 computer cabinets, storage cabinets 12, 6 communication cabinets, and 8 cabinets I / O. Each computer closet consists of 4 frames, each of which has a fan 8 and 16 port switcher board. The total storage Tianghe system-I for 2 petabytes with a total of 262 terabytes of memory.

5. Jaguar

Jaguar is a super computer that is built on a super computer maker in Oak Ridge Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, United States by Cray. Speed of Jaguar is 1.75 petaflops / s. Jaguar once the fastest supercomputer in the world in November 2009 until June 2010.
Jaguar Cray Linux Environment operating system with x86 processor AMD Opteron, amounting to 224 256 units and 8 GB of memory. The amount of memory used overall reach 360 TB. While the amount of up to 10 petabytes of storage.

6. IBM Roadrunner
IBM Roadrunner

Developed by IBM at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Mexico, United States at a cost of 133 million US dollars. The Top speed of 1.456 petaflops super computer that occurred in November 2008.
One that makes it unique, IBM Roadrunner has a hybrid processor design involving two processors, namely the IBM PowerXCell 8i as much as 12,960 units and dual-core AMD Opteron many as 6,480 units. Super computer's operating system Red Hat Entreprise Linux.

7. Blue Gene
Blue Gene

An architectural project to produce some super computer. Blue Gene can only drove 500 teraflops.
Super computer was developed joint by IBM, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US Department of Energy, and academia. Super computer has four development projects, namely the Blue Gene / L, developed by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Blue Gene / C which is a sister project of Blue Gene / L; Blue Gene / P, developed by IBM, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory, and the Blue Gene / Q.

8. Super MUC
 Super MUC

Auper MUC can reach speeds of 3 petaflops, a super computer is supposedly known as the fastest computer in Europe. Super MUC is a German production that d-Rechentrum Leibniz developed in the city of Munich.
SuperMUC system will use 18,432 Intel Xeon processors Sandy Bridge-EP and runs on IBM System x iDataPlex servers. This super computer also use the latest cooling technology at IBM called Aquasar that uses hot water to cool the processor.


Mira is one of the products of the company giant IBM. This is a version of the Blue Gene supercomputer. has a faster speed than the previous brands.
This super computer is placed in the National Labroratory in Illinois, U.S to perform various functions. Its speed can reach about 8 petaflop per second.

10. Dawning Nebulai
 Dawning Nebulai

Is a super computer that was developed in China and used the National Supercomputing Centre in Shenzhen (NSCS)
Dawning TC3600 Blade System, Xeon X5650 2.66GHz 6C, InfiniBand QDR, NVIDIA 2050, making this a super computer in 2010. Total 120 640 Core Linux OS used, the amount of 2.6 million watts of power.

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