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10 Widget What You Need and Do not Need There In Blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 26 Feb 2015

10 Widget What You Need and Do not Need There In Blog - attractive appearance of a blog is one way to make visitors feel at home in the blog, but it should be noted that each component in the blog does not interfere with visitors.

There is also a type of blog that is not in love visitors because it is too heavy loading, it could be due to the widget that is not important in the post here and in every part of the blog. Well, I want to share some knowledge that I also learned from other bloggers master Widget The Need and the Unnecessary There Is a blog to blog comfortably in the eyes of visitors.
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First, 10 widgets mandatory and there needs to be on the blog:

  1. Blog Archive
  2. labels Posts
  3. Popular posts
  4. search
  5. Atribution
  6. Alexa Rank Widget (it seems to me)
  7. Related artkel / Related Post
  8. Pages List
  9. Translator (who knows no foreign people who visit your blog)
  10. And the most important is ADVERTISEMENT (That's for people who want to be earnings from the blog) but the placement of the ads should be neat and unobtrusive view while reading the article. And for those who do not want ads can install the widget Follower.

Second, 10 widgets that do not need to exist on the Blog:

  1. Calendar, each person must have a calendar on his computer so it does not need to be in pairs.
  2. Hour, the same as the number 1, each person must have a clock on his computer.
  3. Widgets animation, loading heavy Create a blog, if not essential should not be installed.
  4. Music, I've put on my blog, it makes loading the blog added weight, so I feel no need, after all, everyone has a music player on his computer.
  5. Follow twitter widget with a picture of birds and flying, you certainly know which one I mean, very annoying is not it! prevent us while reading the article. should be stored in the sidebar course, if there are willing to follow certainly were followed.
  6. Widgets fanspage like floating, quite disturbing, as follow twitter can be stored in the sidebar alone.
  7. Posts that follow the direction of the cursor, you should not need to be installed, is very disturbing as well.
  8. Widgets share the article that hangs on the left side of the blog usually, several times I get and it hinders article I read.
  9. Widget videos on the sidebar, make heavy loading the blog.
  10. Too many visitors counter, I often find blogs that use more than one visitor counter, I also had to do it, but not anymore. so pretty one. "One visitor counter better"

Still a lot actually, just not enough of my time to write it all, maybe next time.

The point of all this is for the good of our own blog. Your blog, if you want to put anything on your blog that your privacy rights, I only give advice and suggestions that I learned and I think good for our blog.

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