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11 Causes Banned By Google AdSense

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 6 Feb 2015

Some causes banned on google adsense
in this article I will discuss about the causes banned on google adsense that we must be cautious and avoid, as below:
Banned adsense

1. Clicking Ads Own

This action is the best action prohibited by google adsense, if get caught doing Froud click, so the risk of getting banned is very large, google adsense is technologically advanced, no matter how small illegal acts that we do will eventually get caught and potentially in bannednya not just ad google adsense, but can be also picked up a google adsense account banned.

2. Telling other people to click on ads

Similar to the above point, the actions get someone else to click on ads, konsequensi that we will get adsense account is banned, do not even think that Google would not know, one time we did a mistake could be disastrous for our adsense account, should we avoid this sort of thing.

3. The ad does not appear on one page

Every article we publish, automatically AdSense ads will generally appear on the article page depending on which code units that we put Adsense ads, but sometimes for some cases we publish a new article, Adsense ads do not appear on the page, if there is such a should you must act quickly, because if left unchecked can lead banned adsense account you have, if adsense on one of our blog page does not appear that indicates there are sensitive words as words p*rnography, hackers, and other gambling prohibited and violate google adsense policies.

4. Put an ad Gluey Or Ad Popup

Things that should be avoided as google adsense publisher is, ad placement technique, to avoid things that are not desirable should we follow the rules laying ads google adsense allowed under the rules, to avoid google adsense account banned, do not ever put a loop with sticky technique that is advertising will remain there despite our blog page scroll, or we do advertising technique on the popup screen, when the page is open blog adsense ads will appear on the screen popup, if it happens that way indirectly be indicated we send the visitors to click on the ad,

5. The low and constant Website Traffic

One of the tasks, we must fight for when received google adsense is, trying to increase traffic, although at the beginning of google adsense traffic received no more than 10 visitors per day, but traffic should look up from time to time.

6. Violating the Terms Of Service (TOS) google adsense,

As a publisher should know and obey all the rules of orders and prohibitions issued by google adsense team, if there is the possibility of our adsense ads only memories. one that we must learn is the AdSense TOS, a specific description of the rule of google adsense.

7. Content Coffee Paste

Copy and paste for most bloggers is considered to be a natural thing as long as no harm, but to google adsense should not be at all times to include Google Adsense ads on your blog copy and paste the results without the permission of the owner.
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8. Auto Blog

Auto blog is automated blog, in which each published article is a duplicate of the articles posted on other blogs. Such blogs into operation target google adsense, if caught then finished my google adsense our history.

9. Internal Linking incorrect

Link is a link in a web page and clicking on it will towards a particular page, either in the same or different domains, links can help SEO onpage, especially internal linking, do not get them wrong, when we create an internal linking, that is the link to the page the other on the same site, better on the link anchor text is keyed to the title page article on its target, if not as it would potentially on dibannednya adsense ads.

10. Joint Advertising

Amount google adsense for a page better follow the rules of google adsense, do not ever put an ad more than the number specified, because if it happens as it could result in google adsense got banned. apart from that you should never mix mortar or combine google adsense ads with other advertising services

11. Blog or website are the website or blog MPA (Made for Adsense)

MPA sites or made for adsense is a website which is intended only to earn adsense ads, but minimal information for visitors, the site as it is very clear violation of the rules of adsense on MPA, better a blog or a website built for purpose for the benefit of visitors and can help them to obtain the information sought.

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