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15000 Best Article in English

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 2 Feb 2015

good afternoon visitors MST. Stay spirit Writing Articles. On this afternoon I will share 15 000 best articles in English. It is suitable for the publisher google requiring interesting content. To increase traffic and dollars. But in this article 15000 already indexed by google search engine, you have to rewrite, so not considered duplicate content / plagiarism. But if you change to another language, it will be a unique article. You can check your content in http://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/.

15000 Best Article.

Has been prepared based on the category of each article as insurance category, health, sales, affilliate, etc.
As in the image below:
15000 articles

May be useful for you all and especially for publishers google, you have to be careful on duplicate content, because google panda will discard duplicate content or your account will be banned. Write an original article, although not long only 300 words, google panda is more like it than duplicate article. Please comment if you want to ask. Greetings bloggers

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