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20 Ways to Promote Your Blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 21 Feb 2015

20 Ways to Promote Your Blog - While you spend a lot of time to write many interesting article, your work is not finished. In order for other people to read your article, you need to promote your writing as much as you can do.
Here are some ways that you can promote each blog post effectively, and most of you can do for free. At no cost!

A. Promotion via Social Media

Tell each of your blog posts on various social media.
1. Facebook. Share your new posts through personal accounts, FB Page, group, up to Facebook ads.
2. Twitter. Schedule tweets regularly every you post a new article.
3. Pinterest. Create a Pinterest Board for all your blog posts and do not forget, pin it!
4. LinkedIn. Share article on LinkedIn profiles, groups you follow, and through advertisements.
5. Google+. Share the latest blog posts with your circle, and get more benefits for your SEO.

B. Promotion via Bookmarking Site

Bookmarking site has millions of members. Add various bookmarking sites to add to potential visitors of your blog.
 6. Stumbleupon. Create an account on StumbleUpon.com and start stumbling your post.
 7. Digg.com. Submit each new article to Digg.com to make sharing by using other Digg.com.
 8. Reddit. One of the most popular bookmarking sites in the world. You have to use it.
 9. Delicious.com. Help others to find your latest posts in a way to submit articles to Delicious.com
 10. Technorati. The best search engine for blogs, Technorati.com is an obligation.

C. Promotion via contact you

11. Add the latest blog posts in your email newsletter.
12. Share the group blog posts and forums that you have.
13. Add your latest blog posts in your email signature using Wisestamp.com
14. Send an email about the latest article postings on every contact you have.
15. RSS Feed. An RSS feed automatically send the latest posts on every person who subscribe to your feed.

D. Promotion on Other Blogs

16. Comment on relevant blogs and include a link to your blog post.
17. Do a guest post on other blogs that are relevant. Include a link to your website on every article that you create.
18. Ask the influential bloggers to give a link to your blog relevant.
19. Do rewriting to other relevant blogs.
20. Join the blogging community, and doing link exchanges with other bloggers.

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