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4 Phase Development of A Blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 14 Feb 2015

Do you know? that people who are successful with their respective blogs do not require a short time to get the things they want? At least each of the blogs they need 4 phases in its development. Here's what you should know.
Here are the four phases or the development cycle a blog  after it is created, you should know.
phase of blog

1. Establishment Phase

This phase is the phase that need to create quality content (useful) and a phase where the form set up a blog (Design view, search traffic, blog promotion, etc.). Usually the amount of useful content can reach 50-100 article. This phase generally takes about 3-6 months and this phase is a scourge for beginner bloggers because most bloggers beginners who fail in this phase, because impatient or rush to use the blog to make money.

2. Phase traffic growth

Generally, this phase is characterized by increased traffic, comments, RSS subscribers, and start to earn. The focus should be done in this phase is still continue to add useful content and find a quality backlink. Many ways you can do to get quality backlinks one to be a guest blogger blog-famous blogs or articles you in backlinks by other famous blog. This traffic growth phase usually takes a long time about 6-12 months, and tend to slow growth but will be more consistent.
Tips for this phase:
Plan sent 1 guest blogger posts each month on blogs famous.
Create 1-2 quality articles every 1 week.

3. Phase Maturity and Monetization

In this phase, blogs already have up to thousands of visitors every day or blog traffic has stabilized and this is the right phase to start the engine as a blog make money (monetization), just adjust to the business you are looking for, this phase takes 6 -12 months.

4. Maintenance Phase

This is a very unpleasant phase or phases in all bloggers feel successful, because they do not require work as hard as the previous phases. In this phase only perform routine maintenance to exist, the time required is not limited.

Now how old is your blog? If your blog has not fulfilled the above phase it is not yet time for you to make money from your blog. The point is to make money from your blog requires a long process we can conclude there is no shortcut Hopefully the above knowledge can be your motivation to still consistent in the world of blogging, may be useful.

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