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5 Best Websites To Earn Money By Uploading Files

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 16 Feb 2015

Earn Money By Uploading Files - Can make money with an easy way is the thing that always look for everyone. But what is really important is the fact that whichever way you choose among the thousands of options available in the online market to make money. There are sites that will pay you to upload files to their servers and are very productive. In this article I will present some of the sites that you can use to rake in dollars online. Here are 5 unique site and will pay their customers a way to upload files.
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1. Docstoc.com

Payment of each uploaded file: 50/50 from the revenue generated
You just need to write and promote, Docstoc.com will show ads alongside your document, and you will get paid fantastic. Once you get an account on Docstoc.com, enjoy continuous passive income, all you need is an account Docstoc.com and upload as many files as you want and then let the rest Docstoc.com did. The more people see your document, the more likely you are to increase advertising revenue. The payout is 50/50 and it will immediately dtransfer to your account. Use social networking to promote your documents such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.

2. Depositfiles.com

Payment of each uploaded file: $ 25 per 1000 downloads
Enjoy upload unlimited files, you can upload all the things in your mind such article or video. You get paid for any files that you upload either your favorite songs, ring tones, games, lectures, or whatever you have. Instead of uploading to other places that do not produce, the better you uploaded here and enjoy the payment you will get. But there is one thing that is a file that is uploaded constraints should not be more than 2GB capacity.

3. Uploading.com

Payment of each uploaded file: $ 1-100 for every 1000 downloads
One more site that allows you to earn money online is Uploading.com. It is a fact that you will get a minimum menghasilan around $ 30. If the file you are downloading a lot of unique and prepare to enjoy the income. Payments are made via PayPal, Wire Transfer, and EPESE. Uploading.com is a popular site online hard drive a safe distance to backup important data and you can quickly and securely share files with your friends and colleagues.

4. Crocko.com

Payment of each uploaded file: $ 1 per 500 downloads
Earn money by uploading up to 2GB, but because it serves people of all ages and cultures from around the world, Crocko.com ensure uploaded documents do not violate any law and totally offensive. You can download as much as you can, but non-active files will not be stored for more than 60 days to users who have a free account.

5. Shareapic.com

Payment of each uploaded file: $ 0.20 per 1000 views image
Site helps users to upload files from your hard disk and also share them with your network of friends on social networking sites are different. Although the amounts paid to an individual will not cause that person rich, but still worth a try if compared with other platforms such as picture sharing pictu and Instagram are not paying anything out of uploading photos.

Well, that's 5 websites to earn money from uploading files. Please try, well at least can earn passive income was though only slightly.
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