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5 Important Tips For Success Becoming a Google AdSense Publisher

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 3 Feb 2015

From the few blogs I've read, there are several factors that greatly influential in success of the play Google Adsense. Here are 5 important tips for success of Google Adsense publisher.
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1. Become a Google Adsense Publisher

To be successful in this money making program of course we have to be registered into the Google Adsense publisher first. If you have not registered as a Google Adsense publisher, trying to read my article on how to register Google Adsense.

2. Comply with Google Adsense TOS

Before register in the Google Adsense make sure that our blog already meet Google Adsense TOS. And as long as we become a Google Adsense publisher make sure that all the content on the blog we do not violate the policy because it can result from Adsense account banned.

3. Focus On Niche / Topic Specific

Not all types of niche / topic can be successful in the Google Adsense program. For example, if the topic of the blog we discuss about Adsense, the most likely of these blogs are not so successful because most of the audience already understands that ads on the blog is Adsense ads. So is the case with blogs that discuss the topic of blogging. Some potential blog topics on the Adsense program is the topic of business, health, fashion, property, and others.

4. Blog Traffic

Can not be denied under a lot of traffic to a website is a very important factor if we want to succeed in the Google Adsense program. Well because it is highly recommended that we always optimize traffic sources from various websites. But make sure the source of the traffic does not violate Google Adsense TOS.

5. Optimizing Adsense Ads

Another important factor that is important for success in the Google Adsense program is the optimization of the Adsense ads themselves. Some of them are placing Adsense ads, Google Adsense ad size, and the suitability of our blog with Google Adsense ads.

Often we have to do a little experiment on the Adsense ad optimization in order to get the most favorable format. By doing some experiments we can find the most effective formula and provide greater income,

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