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9 Most Important Factors SEO must be known All Bloggers

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 1 Feb 2015

At least, to step into SEO master. We should be able to maximize the 8 factors below:
1. Domain
Selection of the right domain can affect SEO also. Until now the keyword in the domain still plays an important role in SEO.
In order to maximize SEO us, I suggest wearing TLD domains such as .com or .net. Avoid using free domain.

2. Keywords
The most important thing in SEO is keyword. Keywords are words that you shoot to your blog / website you can appear at the top of the SERP.
Often, because too over the keyword, the blog will be considered spam by search engines. To note also the keyword destiny.
Good Keyword placement usually is in the title, first paragraph and last paragraph. But note also naturally keyword

3. Title
The title also plays an important role in SEO. In addition to the keyword in the title, check also the relationship between the title and the content.
Wear H2 and H3

If possible, it is recommended that you wear a paper h2 and h3 tags. Keywords that exist on h2 and h3 are considered important and can push you in-SERP blog.

4. URL
URL factor is associated with the domain factors. SEO URL is the URL that is readable by humans and have keyword.
To change the URL to make it more SEO wear permalink /% postname% / in the custom structure.

5. Quality
Good SEO does not degrade the quality of writing. I always hold on to the word. I believe, that the quality of writing is good, readable by humans, our writing will be favored by the search engines

6. Linking
Make sure that every time you write, lest the post you do not have links to other related posts. In addition to lower bounce rate, it is also useful for SEO.

It is common if good SEO usually have a lot of backlinks.

Aside from his own writings, we can also build backlinks by signing up to various article directories or send us to the social bookmarks.

7. Speed
Google already takes into account the speed of loading a web page into the algorithm. It certainly makes sense, because the page has good speed usually favored by readers.

8. ALT tags on Img
Never the ALT tag at the time of installing the image on the blog. Fill ALT tags with keywords. How to install ALT tags, you only need to add alt = "Keywords" on the img tag.

9. Social Signal
Social signals is also very important. It turns out that in addition to viral, google also noticed how many social signals that exist in our writing, such as how many like, +1, or tweet.

The next..
Once out of nine factors above, you are also required to submit your blog to google webmaster and google analytics

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