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Benefits of Being a Blogger

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 12 Feb 2015

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The advantage of Being a Blogger - I would classify about the advantages or benefits of being a blogger into two, the benefits in terms of physically and mentally.
When we met with said physical indirectly in our brains will bring a physical mind that physical means. So also with our spiritual will think that the spiritual is a feeling that is in the heart or more accurately emotional.
Physical and Spiritual actually have relevance to need each other where necessary physical healthy spiritual as well as physical needs a healthy spiritual as well, but sometimes it becomes the upside there are healthy psychologically but not physically or healthy in body but not spiritually.
Now that we know a little picture of the physically and mentally now time i will share about the advantages or benefits of being a blogger.

Advantages or benefits of being a blogger physically

1. Healthy Hands
2. Improve Brain Insights
3. Train the Brain To Think Innovative
4. Train yourself About writing.
5. Concentration Power Train

5 advantages or benefits of being a blogger on an opinion about the fact that I have experienced.
The purpose of the healthy hand when we type our fingers become more active, but within the normal time limit.
For 4 other benefits I mentioned above about the benefits of being a blogger I hope you are able to capture what I mean.

Advantages of being a blogger spiritually

1. Adding Social Networking
2. Tearing Negative Actions
3. If we Sharing Positive article will be more stimulate us to do positive.
4. Creates a sense of empathy and sympathy for readers and other bloggers.
5. Practicing Patience

5 spiritual advantage is what you get if you are indeed a true blogger who not spoiled if the visitor is still little, adsense clicks bit, articles lacking SEO Friendly etc. which causes your negative thinking and impatient, that's why spiritually can exercise patience.

I hope you not ask "instead of being a true blogger could also generate a lot of money?" if you ask as it is better you do not bother to ask and read my article to completion, I hope you understand 10 Advantages I mentioned above effects like what if you get the advantage. Benefits of becoming a blogger would always desired by the blogger.
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