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Blog Dofollow VS Blog Nofollow

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 10 Feb 2015

dofollow vs nofollow

As we already know that the blog dofollow and blog nofollow have significant differences related to the characteristics inherent in each type of blog.
In short is if DoFollow blogs provide a backlink to any external links contained in the blog section, while blog nofollow is not. There is no predicate which one is better and which is worse because they are the same. All have advantages and disadvantages of each for use is different.
DoFollow blogs and blog nofollow will be in an advantageous position when we are able to put on the optimal use. In other words, match the needs of our blogging in using blogs dofollow and nofollow this.

For that, let's look together what are the advantages and disadvantages DoFollow blogs and blog nofollow so that we can deduce what kind of blog is suitable for us to apply as our blog.

informationBlog DofollowBlog Nofollow
number of commentsManyLittle
Quality commentRelatively bad because only pursue backlinkRelatively better because of their content in accordance with the contents of the blog posts with comments
number of visitorstend manyTend to be a little
PagerankSmall value ratingLarge value rankings
Alexa traffic rankGood quality rankingsBad quality rankings
Potential get adLarge, mainly from traffic rank alexa rank goodAlso large, especially coming from a good pagerank
Potential get SPAMlarge, mainly from random commentsLittle
Well, it's pretty obvious is not about the advantages and differences of each?
There is an additional? Any question? please delivered via the comment box ..
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