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Blogger vs Wordpress, What's Your Choice?

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 6 Feb 2015

At first author using blogspot to learn blogging but the progress needs of the author can not be in accommodation by a single blog platform only, actually what the advantages and disadvantages of blogspot and wordpres? And who is the best? For that, let's discuss the comparison blogger vs wordpress below:
blogger and wordpress


Blogspot: Currently blogspot has had new dashboard display, the authors feel the new dashboard is easier to use and more responsive for using AJAX technology, but to be able to enjoy this new dashboard javascrip in the browser must be switched on
WordPress: Display dashboard that is in use by wordpress has not experienced many significant changes, it is both easier for users because they do not have to adjust to the new dashboard

Theme customization

Blogspot: To beautify the look of the blog many bloggers are replacing zoom with the design itself or of templates available on the internet, for those of you who have more ability in programming blogger website template can be changed such that the roots.
Wordpress: Display on wordpress blog can only be changed if you are using self-hosting your wordpress hosted on your own server, if you just use a free service of wordpress you will only have a few standard templates that you can use.

Import article

Blogspot: Blogspot only can import articles from other blogs that are both using blogspot.
Wordpress: To import articles, wordperss better, you can move and copy your article from another Wordpress, Typepad, Yahoo 360, Tumblr or Blogger.

Image storage

Blogspot: Storage image provided by blogspot in a single account is 1GB, bloggers also had no specific dashboard to see what files you have uploaded previously, you might be a little difficult to find pictures or photos of your old.
WordPress: WordPress For business image storage provides space for up to 3GB, and the WordPress dashboard has also provided a view to finding your old pictures you have uploaded.

Post By Email

Blogspot and Wordpress have been equally able to receive posts emailed to direct display in the blog, this feature allows you, if you have a blog that has a freelance writer in addition to you.


Blogspot: In addition to your search, blogger easier to use because of factors bloggerwhich is a subsidiary Google, so you can easily put adsense ads on your blog, where you will get paid every time someone clicks on the ads that are on your blog, this probably can you make as a side business you
Wordpress: wordpress policy to prohibit advertising in any account that is made may be a little difficult for you in this case. To be able to advertise on your own blog, you can use the self wordpress hosting.


Similarly, some explanation comparison between wordpress blog with blogspot that you must know before making a blog. If in view further there own advantages and disadvantages of each blog platform, therefore we may not be able to say who is the best, but it is more appropriate if we choose as appropriate, if you want a blog template that can be replaced easily and seek additional income through advertising you can use blogspot.

For those of you who want the ease of use you may be able to use wordpres.
Especially for those of you who have more capability in terms of programming the website, maybe you are hosting your own WordPress can be an alternative choice because it has advantages not shared by the two platforms above blog.

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