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Characteristics Of High Quality Backlink

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 10 Feb 2015

high quality backlink
characteristics of high quality backlink - Although backlinks obtained a blog was instrumental in the blog ranking on SERP, but in reality, many bloggers who still do not know what kind of quality backlink itself. Therefore, from now on you have to be diligent again collecting information and attempt to get quality backlinks to boost PageRank and SERP rankings on the blog.
Below I will explain the characteristics of high quality backlinks.

1. Backlinks from dofollow blog.

DoFollow blog is a blog that provides backlinks to every link that is listed on the blog page, such as links in comments, blogroll links, to link to the widget that is used. For a fuller explanation of DoFollow blog, read the article Blog Dofollow vs Nofollow Blog.

2. high PageRank backlinks.

If there is a blog that receive backlinks from blogs with high PageRank then surely if the received backlink is a quality backlink. Most high pagerank blog is DoFollow because they want to take advantage of the PageRank to attract a lot of comments from readers. Thus, to get quality backlinks, you just need to hunt blogs with high PageRank and are DoFollow then diligently to comment and leave your blog link in the comments profile.

3. Relevant Themes.

Quality backlinks received by a blog should also come other blogs with the same topic of discussion. With the same topic relevance will make the search engine robots easier to classify the recipient blog backlink as a trusted referral blog so as to improve its position in the SERP.

4. Anchor text correctly.

A backlink received by a blog should be derived from the arrangement of anchor text and blog url correct. For example blog "A" wants to give a backlink on the blog www.guide-seo.blogspot.com.
For that, give backlink should be use anchor text in accordance with the URL of the blog is SEO Guide, not the idea of a blog, How to blog, blogging tutorial, Learning blogs, science blogs, and others that do not fit.

5. Placement of backlinks.

Quality backlinks received a blog is also determined by the location of the placement of backlinks on blogs giver. This is because of the placement of backlinks in the correct position will facilitate the search engine robots in tracking and indexing blog URL listed. A good backlink placed on front page of the blog and are on the sidebar.

Quality backlinks need to be owned by a blog if you want to have a good SERP position. To get it, you can comment on DoFollow blogs diligently to ask the faithful readers to provide a backlink to your blog from their blog.
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