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Creative Ways Attract Customers by using Google Hangout

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 3 Feb 2015

google hangout

Google Hangout 

constantly improve itself began ogled the businessmen and professionals in an effort to launch the modern concept of business strategy. Some big brands is an example of a brand that successfully utilize the technology of Google Hangout:

1. Cadbury

Brand food and drink are often difficult to interpret via social #media because we can not share the flavor or aroma via online media. But Cadbury apparently able to dismiss all of these assumptions. By using Google Hangout, Cadbury can actually deliver video format information that attracts many customers from all over the world.
Cadbury has been able to persuade the customers and users of Google Hangout to be actively involved in a variety of exciting events are held. For example, the event of making a dessert made from Cadbury. Other exciting event that is when Cadbury share samples of various types of chocolate to be sampled directly by the customer.

2. Dell

Calling brand computers and devices most popular technology in the world. definitely feels incomplete if we do not call Dell. Call lists of customer complaints and criticism would be one scary thing for a leading computer brands. To overcome this problem, Dell tried to innovate and use Google Hangout as one of the modern means of customer service. By using Google Hangout, customers can contact Dell team is easy and practical.
Dell also uses a Google Hangout certain groups, to focus on the problem in more detail. For example, group Del Tech Center which serves the discussion to topics specific computer problems. Diverse subjects and problems faced by customers trying resolved by Dell with uploading video format solution.
The video is expected to be the answer for every common problem associated with the use of Dell products. The customer can obtain amazing after sales service, fast and trusted.
Whatever brand of business that we run, the smart use of social media is a must. Because the use of social media is one of the simplest forms of innovation that must be understood by every businessman. No successful business that does not attempt to follow development of the age.

It is time we use Google Hangout intelligently and creatively!

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