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Definition 4 Penalty Google

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 19 Feb 2015

Definition 4 Penalty Google - Some google penalty which until today is still there even though Google has been using the new algorithm is Google Panda is google sandbox, google dance, deindex and banned. Until today to 4 google penalty is often a frightening specter for the bloggers.
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Here is an explanation of the fourth penalty google:

Google Dance

Google Dance is Google's punishment of a decrease in the position of the site in Google search results. What is meant by the decline here is a decrease in the position of your site. So if for example your website always occupies the first page of search results, due to the Google Dance your site can sink into page 10. Google Dance is still considered the mildest punishment because Google still would be so kind to spiders to crawl your site and keep your site index

Google Sandbox

Google Sandbox is a Google form of preventive punishment of a site (or page from a website) to get into the search results of Google Search. Thus, the site (or subdomain of the site) will not be entered into the Google search results although keep its index. Site will completely disappear from Google Search, no longer quite fall into 9 or 10 pages.


Deindex is a penalty from Google that Google is removing the index a site from its database. And Google will no longer want to re-index the site. Generally, these sites are in-deindex by Google is a site that violates the TOS (Terms of Service) Google. However, the site manager can still apply for Google to re-index the site by sending a request reconsideration.


Banned is a penalty from Google in which Google will mark a site with a warning that the site is dangerous to visit. There are many reasons why a site banned, such as violating Google's TOS, labeled as SPAM by Google's site, or the site is infected with malware. To get out of the ban, the site manager must apply for reconsideration request that Google reviewing the site.

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