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Definition Unique Visitor, Visitor and Pageview

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 19 Feb 2015

Definition Unique Visiotr, Visitor and Pageview - If you ever used Google Analytics or Histats features, may be familiar to hear the word Unique Visitor, Visitor and pageview. especially you are a web designer working in the field of website development services, it is very necessary to be in the know.
The fundamental difference between Unique Visitor, Visitor and Pageview namely that the number of Unique Visitors may not exceed the amount of the Visitor and Visitor amount may not exceed the amount Pageview of a blog. Pageviev will always be a lot of visitors, there is also a possibility for the same but very small.

What's Unique Visitor, Visitor and Pageview?

1. Unique Visitors
Unique Visitors is the number of visitors from a single IP within a certain time. Total Unique Visitors is the first indicator of the success of a website, the higher the unique visitors, the greater the chances of the website is reached, and their effect on the ranking of the site. the effect is also good on alexa rank, but not necessarily good on google PR, because Google also takes into account the quality of the visitor, while the number of visitors can be manipulated with a traffic exchange program (Auto and Manual Surfing). One visitor who visited several times to our website will only be counted once.

2. Visitor
was the visitors who are opening our website, both open for deliberate, and opened as a stray, or coincidence. Unlike the unique visitors, these statistics show the total number of visits occur. So a visitor or an IP address can be counted several times as many visits were conducted. Each 1 Visitor must have no one pageview (current page). If one is interested visitors with articles that are on our website, it's likely that visitors will generate more than one pageview. Then create a website with articles that are related as attractive as possible, so that every Visitors not only transitory, but stopped as he walks in the other article pages of your blog.

3. Pageview
Page view is a page that is being viewed by the Visitor. As the definition above, one visitor will certainly produce one pageview. If one of the visitors opened 5 posts / articles on your blog, it will increase the number Pageview 5, but will remain Visitor number 1. So, more and more visitors, it will allow your website to get more pageview.

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