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Disadvantages To Be Blogger

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 12 Feb 2015

Disadvantages of Being a Blogger is a continuation of my article is Advantages of Being a Blogger, as I mentioned in the article that whenever there are definite advantages there are also disadvantages.
indeed word of losses become bloggers make you a blogger or are interested in doing activities as a blogger known as blogging became alarmed, then I would change word loss be a risk of a blogger.
Let's start talking about the loss or risk being a blogger through physical side first.

1. Energy drained
Why do I call that being a blogger cause its energy drained? Because the brain, eyes and hands you work intensely so particularly eye can suck enough energy.

2. Staying up late
If you have a busy life in the real world that interval of time from morning to afternoon or even evening if you want something from blogging then inevitably you have to Staying up late.

3. Arresting Time
My time-consuming can also be categorized as oblivious to time, I've come across a blogger in the post in a forum that he had stopped blogging except abstinence motto worship time, bathing and eating. (Eating when really hungry). How is your motto?

4. Social Circle
Social circles are socialization, we can not close our eyes that the real world can make us socialization, but sometimes socialize with the people closest to us like family and friends be slightly reduced.

5. Costs
How much it will cost you spend on blogging? How do you gain blogging?

Maybe for my physical problems convey the next five points only I will discuss spiritual :

1. Stress
Can not be denied you have experienced stress when blogging, many reasons that cause stress one of them already have a blog that is cool and viable but not get the advantage of being a blogger and even losers.

2. Saturated
Routine activity is saturating where one partner seo tricks of a blogger who claimed that the article or blog, you can quickly ranked first as long as you regularly and consistently posting articles every day. What if there is no idea of posting?

Spiritually I could only find two of them, may be between you anyone want to add suggestions, I've been providing its place in the comments field.

Changing Losses or Risk Being Gains

This method is a way to make myself especially be always passion to perform activities as a blogger, you need to know if you give a little treasure to others your property is reduced but even increased.
Do not be surprised by my writing just now, because it has a lot to prove and I will not submit evidence here.
Why do I write this because it is one disadvantage change or risk becoming gain, as well as when you are saturated and stress. Both could be an idea for your post.

I think this article is pretty cool: D and this makes a little more controversy heart and my mind is relieved because I have realized I am writing about disadvantage Become A Blogger.

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