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Function of internal links in your website or blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 3 Feb 2015

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Internal linking is a link from one web page to other pages on the same website, where it is related. This is one way to help Google crawlers to explore our web page.

The benefits of Internal Linking?

1. Increase the use and user experience on your site

Internal links can make visitors to linger on your blog and open other pages in the blog. Make visitors feel at home in your blog will reduce bounce (bounce rate) of your website, and this is important because Google will takes into account the level of the bounce rate as a metric in determining whether a blog you have quality content or not. If the visitor is too fast to leave your blog, Google can assume that the blog does not provide benefits to the reader, and this could result in a decrease your blog ranked in the search engine Google.

2. Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization) your site

By creating internal links, you help the search engine spiders to crawl your site easily and quickly. Post a lot of content to internal links would be better than letting the post page is no link to another page of your post.
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3. Increase the visibility of the content in your website

With increasing time, the content on the website / blog you certainly will be growing from day to day. Some content may only be sunk and increasingly difficult to be found by visitors to your website because of the new content.

If you have a page of content And you want to show on your blog visitors, but it is not as popular as the page another page, then you can add a link to that page in the page content that was quite often read by visitors to your blog.

note : when making internal linking:

Create internal linking to related pages.
Create internal linking naturally, not too much.
Use anchor text that varies and in accordance with the intended page.
Perform regular internal linking.

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