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Google Consumer Survey, New Way Monetizing Blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 5 Feb 2015

Blog monetization is one of the best ways to earn money online. One way to monetize your website / blog is through advertising. Google today introduced the newest way for bloggers to monetize their blogs that is google consumer survey. Attracted a lot of money from google. Find out how to work from google consumer survey.

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What is Google Consumer Survey?

Think of it as a site where you pay to get unlimited access to the site, but without having to pay real money. Blog visitors only need to answer a few short surveys for access to the content of your blog and earn money from every question answered. Google Consumer Survey similar to paywalls that is by presenting the user with several surveys before proceeding to access the content.
Potential Earnings Google Consumer Survey

Currently, the creator Survey (such as advertisers) cost about 10 cents or a dollar per survey. You will get 5 cents or 500 dollars per survey her. So it is a 50/50 revenue sharing between Google and publishers (bloggers). The larger the blog traffic, the greater the potential income you get. Assuming your blog has about 20 thousand visitors per month who complete the survey, you can earn about $ 1,000, or about 10 million per month.

It states that Google Comsumer Survey easily added to the blog. You can choose where the survey will appear and how often the user will be asked to fill out a survey and regulate how much content available survey.

There are several requirements to be accepted into this program. You must have an AdSense account in good standing, the average blog users, average age 18 years and must follow the Google Publisher Program Policies. For the moment only the publisher of America's new in receiving. While the UK and Canada will follow. Later there will be other countries that participated.

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