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How To Add Music On Blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 11 Feb 2015

many of the bloggers who want their blogs there is music, it aimed to make visitors more relaxed and enjoy the blog. but had time to think twice, because the blog can be more heavy loading. Here I share a tutorial that does not make heavy blog when in insert music.

Step 1:
Log into the site HERE
You select the appropriate color templates for skinnya

Step 2:
select edit playlists, just check the manual playlist, this is that you can insert music. then go to youtube, find music that you want, right click on the YouTube screen, select copy the URL code, paste in the playlist SCM, make the title song.

Step 3:
to the configuration settings, check Autoplay (that direct the play when a visitor opens the blog), Shuffle Playback (intended to make music that is in the set is not just one), to repeat modes let alone, for the Show Playlist by default it is up to you, is checked or not. it aimed to automatically open the choice of music in addition to the blog, or leave it closed.

Step 4:
select done, copy the code to your blog, how? add widgets Html / Javascript, put it anywhere, because the music is still going to perform on the title without disturbing the title or the activity of your blog.
please enjoy the music brother.
Is it useful? please comment ....

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