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How to Change Android Become Speedometer

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 24 Feb 2015

How to Change Android Become Speedometer - High-end Android devices have built-in hardware devices such as a GPS receiver, a gyroscope, temperature monitors and high-resolution of cameras. Given the flexibility of this operating system, developers can produce applications that use this tool and bring additional functionality.
android speedometer

Google Play Store has some excellent free application that allows you to detect metal objects, using compass directions, help you take measurements and make calculations based on the speed, time and distance. If you want to use your Android phone you like speedometer, there is also an app for that.

Follow the steps below:
1. Make sure the device you connected to the internet and run the Google Play Store app on your Android home screen you.

2. Use the search feature Play Store, search for 'Ulysse Speedometer', which was developed by 'binarytoys'. This app is free so you can easily download and install, but you will see ads when you use it.

3. This application requires access to the GPS function, so you have to activate the GPS receiver you through the settings page. Look for 'Location services' in the settings. Location services will have the option 'Use GPS satellites', which needs to be checked to enable the receiver.

4. Once the GPS You enabled, you can run the application from the app drawer Ulysse Speedometer.

5. The application's main screen looks futuristic and excellent interface. You should see the information circular gauges. If you do not turn on the GPS, application will have a small circle told press to activate the GPS, press to enter the Location settings and activate the GPS.

6. The application will scan the GPS signal and GPS circle contains the number of satellites.

7. After the application has obtained a GPS lock, you can put the device on the dashboard of the car you and start moving. Largest gauge will show you the current speed. If you press it, you can choose to change the units and set the maximum speed.

8. The other boxes, titled 'Trip' and 'Today' by default will show the mileage and duration of driving you. Trip meter can be reset, while day, the meter will track the journey you everyday, which can be accessed later.

9. There is also a compass meter and the average speed indicator. This indicator can be used to change their screen.

10. The application is very accurate and you can calculate it for you vehicle.

Hope it is useful!

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