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How to Change Android Camera Becomes Machine Scanner

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 23 Feb 2015

Change Android Camera Becomes Machine Scanner - It's easy, users only need a camera app called CamSnanner. So with this application user does not need to bother anymore notes or to pay for photocopies of the paper documents, because the user only needs CamScanner photograph and convert paper documents into PDF files on Android smartphones.
In principle, this CamScanner application software built almost equivalent to the conventional scanner contained on the computer. Because this application can be used for image cropping (cutting parts of the image that are not needed). In addition, users can also convert JPG image files into PDF format. However, the lack of this application can not change the image PDFs into plain text that can be copied, edited, or deleted words or letters in the PDF.
android scanner

The following excellent features of CamScanner is:

  1. Scan documents using Android phones with an easy way.
  2. Helping your physical data backup.
  3. Features automatic and manual cropping (Throw away the unnecessary parts of the image).
  4. Can be used to convert files into PDF.
  5. Allows you to upload directly via the Internet on the Android and share files with others.
  6. Files can be scanned in "tags" that make it easier to search for documents.

You can get apps in Download Here

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