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How To Compress CSS For Speed up Loading Blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 16 Feb 2015

Compress CSS code blog is another way for more speed up the loading bloggers load the page, Because by compress the css code in the blog will narrow the space Html. In addition, by using this method is also very useful or useful for more beautify the CSS blog so arranged more neatly. for the Demo you can see the CSS that is on my blog template by right click and select View Page Source.
actually to compress css code that we have, we can also use the manual method but it is a complicated job and really a waste of time, well here I want to give advice so you better use compressed CSS service by online tools just because the results are fast, more neat and very easy. Well this time I will give you how to process compressed using online tools.

How To Compress or Beautify CSS Code Online

Make sure you're connected by internet connection
Then open its online page provider under the following tools:
Prepare css code that you want to compress
Then you put or input Css you prepare a column that has been provided
You notice right menu section, select one of Compressed CSS or CSS Beauty, if you just want to compress only Click compress css, but if you want a beautiful setting, you select beauty css
For more details you can see the following gif tutorial:

Done, now that has been compressed css code was ready to be paired in blog

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