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How To Control Your Computer With Android

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 25 Feb 2015

how to control your computer with android - If you want to keep track of your PC and happened to be away from the computer, you can do it from your Android device with ease. That you need is an Android device compatible with PC Monitor application and a good internet connection. This article will help you to understand the procedure of how you can control your computer from your Android device with PC Monitor.
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1. You need to have Android 2.1 or later, Google account and network connections are good.

2. Go to 'Google Play' and find application 'PC monitor' then download and install on devices Androidmu.

3. Please make sure that the PC you have network access and download the application 'PC Monitor Manager' from mobilepcmonitor.com, after selecting the operating system version that you have (32 or 64 bit). After downloading the application, install and then run the application.

4. Now, you must create a user account that will be used to get connected to more than one PC at a time. Make sure that you can remember this information and click 'Create'.

5. After clicking 'Create', the box 'Email Validation Code' will appear on the screen you. After you get the code, you have to put it in the box provided.

6. After that, you must configure the initial settings for your PC Monitor Manager. Give the name of the PC you can and easy to remember. Then, press the "Okay" to start the computer monitor you.

7. Open the PC Monitor application from the Android you. next, the application will ask you to enter a username and password you. Type the same information here that you use for the computer you during the installation of the PC Monitor.

8. Now you should be able to see the name of the computer you on the Android screen you and you can start monitoring by tapping on the screen.

9. You can also add more than one PC in the list with only create multiple user accounts on the PC Monitor Manager application on the computer you.

Good luck!

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