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How to create the About Me page on Blogspot

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 17 Feb 2015

How to create the about me page - About Me on the blog is a blog page that is no less important to the discalimer, the privacy policy or the other, so it is not just to sweeten from blog design, but about me is also a page that identifies the owner of personal data and the goals of the blog , and if we build the page About Me blog the blog shows the seriousness and show it to a professional of the blog owner.
But sometimes about me page is not much to include in a blog especially for beginner bloggers because most likely the about me page not know the functions and benefits, even though the page is very important, create a page about me on the blog is not difficult just requires persistence and thoroughness in preparing the words.
about me

Steps Make Home Page About Me Blog

1. Biodata
Prepare yourself in advance biographical data such as name, address, email, blog name and others

2. Login
If it is already complete, the next step is to log in (go) to the blog which will be given About Me page proficiency level when it entered it will show the dashboard page and select pages (page) and select the new pages (new page)

3. Title
For the title page please fill in the other titles such as "About Me"

4. Fill the page
To browse this page About me we took data from a number 1 (one) above, for example please see above or here

5. Publish
After writing about the about me and choose to publish and place in accordance to the our wishes, page About me is adjusted with the blog template that is in use and try in the place where it's easy to see

Benefits page About me

1. Visitors will understand or know who we are
2. Visitors will be more confidence in the credibility of our
3. As a means to promote ourselves
4. Visitors will understand where the direction of the destination blogs, etc.
Making Home About Me Blog is not as difficult as what is imagined, and please practice in their own blogs because practice is the best teacher, do not be afraid to try because the error was the beginning of an experience.

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