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How To Create Disclaimer for your blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 17 Feb 2015

How to create disclaimer - Before Making Disclaimer, it would be nice we know the meaning independently of the disclaimer in the virtual world. Disclaimer are rules and regulations on a website the page or site that is given the auditors related to things that exist on the website or the site, and is a protection for the owner. From these explanations disclaimer is of significant importance to us as bloggers because visitors or readers who come automatically accept the rules that exist on websites or the site included a clause of the disclaimer.
step by step how to make a disclaimer to the blog

A. Visiting Disclaimer Site Creator

Visit the manufacturer's website disclaimer online and I suggest looking for the free, the free has also been considered sufficient for individual situ blog exception we make is a company blog should really get a license from the auditor, one example of a site that is free Blog Disclaimer maker is http://www.privacypolicyonline.com/disclaimer-generator/ and it is one of the sites I recommend, after visiting the site will be given a form, see the picture below there are some points that must be filled in correctly

1. Your Site Title
we shall give the name of the blog that will give an example disclaimer like "set Tutorial"

2. Your Site URL
enter the url of our blog in this example I use on this blog url link is http://www.myseotrick.ga

3. Contact Links
On the Contact link in the content dengen url link of google plus examples of "https://plus.google.com/106355663359380993505/posts" or if in his blog already exists "Contact Us" please use the Contact Us link from.

4. Email Address
Enter the email address we have either yahoo or google related to the blog that we manage.

5. Email Encryption
In the Email Encryption I choose Encrypt Email with HTML (give permission to include the disclaimer-mail to the generator). if you already filled with data to complete the match, the next steps is to click "Generate Disclaimer" then we will be taken to a page and copy the entire contents of our stay from the text.

B. Installation disclaimer on the blog

1. Dashboard blog
To pair the disclaimer we go to the blog dashboard select "Pages"

2. The new page
if already in the page and choose "new page", then paste the disclaimer that has been copied from the page http://www.privacypolicyonline.com/disclaimer-generator/.
Note: Select HTML mode. do not select the Compose mode because it will not be

3. Title
do not forget to give it a Title as the "Disclaimer" page of the

4. Publish
If you've pasted the html mode, next published the disclaimer
and copy the URL for the pairs in the menu page for easy viewing by visitors
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