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How To Create A Facebook Like Box

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 15 Feb 2015

How To Install Widget Facebook Like Box - very interesting if your blog / website that we manage in pairs of a widget. Say like this Facebook widget. With the existence of this widget, but can capture viewers of our blog, can also beautify the appearance of the blog. Ever hear widget Facebook Like Box? You know widget shaped box and a button "like" and photos of the liker. We will discuss about this topic.

Before you install the widget Facebook Like Box this on your favorite blog, first you have to have Page Likes or commonly called as the Facebook Fan Page. If not have, please make first or read more about How to Create a Fan Page / Page Likes Facebook.

Here I describe the steps How to Put Widget Facebook Like Box on the Blog. Please read.

How to Create a Facebook Like Box

1. Please log in first in this url Facebook at www.facebook.com

2. Please visit the Facebook Developers page at this URL http://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-box-for-pages/

3. Please insert the url Likes Facebook page, set the size, color, etc.
like box

  • write the url address of your Facebook page. Example: www.facebook.com/myseotrick
  • specify the size of the widget height
  • checkbox to show the faces of the liker
  • checkbox to display the status of your Facebook page
  • specify the size of the width of the widget
  • select the color of the widget
  • checkbox to display headers
  • checkbox to show the outline of the
  • After that, please click on the Get Code

4. Please select the IFRAME writing and then copy and paste the entire script is in the box
like box

How to Install Widget Facebook Like Box in Blogger / Blogspot

  1. Please log in at www.blogger.com
  2. Dashboard> select the layout / layout> click Add Widgets / Gadgets
  3. Select the widget HTML / JavaScript> paste that you copy and paste the entire script before
  4. Click save and see the results

How to Install Widget Facebook Like Box WordPress

  1. Please log in at www.wordpress.com
  2. select the Appearance menu> select the sub menu Widgets
  3. Select Widget Text> click Add Widgets
  4. Please paste the entire script before you Copas> click Save> see the results
How Do? It is very easy right? Now your turn to try it. Good luck;)

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