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How to Display Statistics Visitors In Pages Blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 28 Feb 2015

How to Display Statistics Visitors In Pages Blog - helps us to show visitor statistics in a way that is very simple and simple so so easy to apply, even for beginners - Good evening gentlemen buddies. What is said today, hopefully always healthy. On this occasion I would like to share a few tips about the tutorial How to Display Statistics Visitor At Home Blog.

Statistics visitors a recording medium number of visitors who have visited our blog. Given these statistics will be a picture of the popularity of our blog. The more the figure recorded in the more prestigious statistics also our blog. Well, if my friend wants to put up stats on your blog each, following step tutorial steps.

How to Display Statistics Visitors at Page Blog

1. The first thing you should do is login first to your blog.

2. Then go to the dashboard and select Layout.

3. Next, you select it and click Add Gadgets.

4. Next you scroll down and click the Blog's Stats. Here's the picture.

5. Next, you choose the shape and type of statistics.

6. When you have completed the setting, then click save.

7. Finally, you slide and put statistics in place desired. Next, you see the results on the blog page.

It is easy not. But if you still feel confused or unclear, please do not hesitate to ask questions and give comments.

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