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How To Get a DoFollow Backlink From Google And Facebook

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 11 Feb 2015

Every blogger loves dofollow backlinks with PR (Page Rank) high because it is the best way to increase your Google PageRank on your blog or website. But the main problem is how to get high pagerank backlinks dofollow not an easy task.
But today I'll show you a way to get PR 10 Dofollow Backlink from social networking sites like google and facebook. Then see good tutorial, or you will regret it for life. read also Different DoFollow and NoFollow Blogs : D
Here is how to make a dofollow backlink from google and facebook in seconds.

How to Make Dofollow Backlink From Facebook:

Normally, when we share a link on facebook facebook then mark out only as a nofollow link but only revealed in facebook where we can get dofollow backlinks from facebook page. So here are the steps to create DoFollow backlinks from facebook.

1) Login to www.facebook.com and Create a facebook page.

2) Add Static Html application to your Facebook page. Once completed, you will see something like this.
backlink from facebook

backlink from facebook

backlink from facebook

Now click on the tab welcome. and type <h1> <a target="_blank" href="http://yoursite.com" rel="dofollow"> name of your site </ a> </ h1> as you can see in the picture below.
The last, click Save and publish.
backlink from facebook

Now open again your facebook page and click on the welcome tab, you will find dofollow link you there. You can repeat the above process for making a number of dofollow backlinks from facebook.
and then

How to Make Dofollow Backlinks From Google

By Alexa statistics, Google is ranked # 1 of websites all over the internet. Which also pagerank 10 so that a link from google very well for any blog or website. Make dofollow backlink from google is a very easy task and anyone can get dofollow backlinks from google simply by creating a profile on google plus. As we all know, that the host google plus is a sub domain of Google so backlink from google plus also will have the same authenticity as google.

So please check it out.

1) First create a Google Plus account.
2) visit the About page and click the Edit button Your Story section.
3) When finished, now click the link button / link at the introduction and add your link.
4) Now click save and finish.

Then check your new dofollow backlinks, google plus is complete dofollow sites, you can also share the article on google plus to get 10 PR dofollow backlinks. But google link on the news feed is not so effective as a profile page link and the ways mentioned above is the only way to get dofollow backlinks from google plus.

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