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How to make a Privacy Policy

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 18 Feb 2015

How to make a Privacy Policy - or the privacy policies on blogs, useful to know the provisions of the Website or Blog itself and can Comply with therein Policy. This privacy policy is also one of the important things for you who want to enroll in the Google Adsense or other PPC ads. Why? Due to this Privacy Policy will be read by people who check the Website or Blog registered by you.

Following Steps How to Make Privacy Policy:

1. Please go to this link PrivacyPolicyOnline
2. Then fill out the form provided. See the example image below !!!
Contact Link contents to your email or Contact Us.
privacy policy
3. Click the Generate button Policy. to see your Privacy Policy. See the picture above circled in red !!!
4. Copy Paste your Privacy Policy page or create a new post on your blog Privacy Policy.
5. Finish. Good luck ...
Hopefully Tips and Trick how to create a privacy policy on this blog can be useful for you all to progress blog. If you still want to read the Tutorial and Tips Blog as above, please open SITEMAP on this blog.

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