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How to Maximize SEO in Blogger

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 26 Feb 2015

Below is a complete tutorial on How to maximize SEO in blogger, so your blog is more loved by Google.
If your blog is preferred Google then your blog will be given good grades, and if the rank is already good, then the automatic end of your blog will increase.
Who do not want to increase visitors to their blogs?
Immediately, in this post you will learn some of the following:
seo in blog

RSS Feed

As well as blogging services in general, bloggers also provides features to facilitate the RSS feed of our blog readers to subscribe to the articles we publish. This feature is actually very nice, especially to attract readers. But on the other side of the RSS feeds can also be bad for SEO blog. How come?
As we know, today a lot of bloggers who wants instant slacker who often steal content other people's blogs. Well, this RSS Feed lately frequently used by thieves content as a way to take existing content on your blog without having to bother CTRL + C and CTRL + V.

If we become victims of theft blog content via RSS Feed then it could be bad for our blog, because it will result in the name of duplicate content. Well, for a little overcome this problem, we can optimize the settings of existing RSS Feed in blogger.
It is very easy, you can simply go to Dashboard> Settings> Other. After that you focus on the Feedback Site
In the "Allow Blog Feeds" you select "Short"

Description Meta Tag

One cool feature in blogger is featured meta tags. This feature allows us to enter the meta description of a blog without having to manually put it into the template. This feature is already there in blogger since early 2012, but probably still many who do not know or have not used it.

To activate this feature is very easy, you can simply go to Dashboard> Settings> Preferences search. After that focus on the meta tags and click "Edit". After that comes the question "Enable search description?" Select Yes. Last stay buddy input description of your blog.
Do not forget to click "Save changes"

Special Diversion

This feature serves to direct the link to our blog, but the link does not actually exist alias page 404. I myself do not use this feature, but in certain situations it can be a very useful feature.
For example in a real incident, but may rarely occur, we're looking for backlinks, and because too excited, we are wrong to write the URL in the social bookmarking links for example, are supposed to be like this:


we are wrong to write so:


So at times like this that the transfer of such special features to be useful. We can divert the wrong link earlier to write the correct URL. So backlinks that already we put social bookmarking for example be not in vain.
For how to use the buddy this feature please go to Dashboard> Settings> Preferences search. After that focus on the error and the transfer and click "Edit" on a special transfer. After the contents of the URL that you stay wrong and correct URL
Do not forget to check the "Permanent" so link one of the transferred permanently. If so, click Save first and click Save changes.


Update: Custom robots.txt file is already not good to be implemented in 2015. Read why HERE.

Robots Meta Tag

Meta robots tag basically similar functions as robots.txt, which is to tell the robot crawlers which pages should be indexed and which pages should not be yes. In addition, there are several other commands.

So meta robots feature in this blogger can be utilized to overcome duplicate content, especially duplicate content occurs because the archive and search pages. How to access Dashboard> Settings> Preferences search> Enable specific robots header tags.
Do not forget to click Save changes

Picture Posts

If you make a post that is accompanied by a picture then you highly advised to use a cool feature in blogger on this one, which is a feature to add the attribute "alt" and "title" automatically in the picture in the post.

It's easy, when a friend insert the image into the post then simply click on the image> click Properties> enter the keyword to the image.

Description Meta Tag Posts

Before the existence of these features, a lot of bloggers are using an automatic meta tag code description for the post and even now is still pretty much use.

Well because the blogger has no feature to enter manually post meta description, it will be very cool if my friend using this feature so every post on your blog have the meta deskipsi varied.

To use this feature first mate should enable the description meta tag that has been discussed above. If it is activate it every time you write a post, on the right there will be a place to enter the menu descriptions posts

Permanent link

Features that can be referred to as a custom permalink feature is useful for my friend who might want to shoot a keyword length or the term long tail keywords. By default permalink in blogger is limited to 6 words, more or less like this:


If is more than 6 words, the permalink will automatically cut off and only displays the first word of the title 6 posts. Well, if you want more than 6 words then you can use this feature.

How, when you write posts Permalink click menu on the right and select Permalink Special, after that you enter permalink far as you want.

Blogger templates

The latter to maximize SEO in Blogger is a template. A great selection of templates can also help maximize the SEO on your blog. Lots of free blogger templates provider of good ones out there, but very little that could be considered SEO Friendly.

Criteria for a good template for SEO was like what the hell bro? hmm .. since this post is already quite long, almost 4 hours more I write this post, so to issue a template I will discuss in the next post.

Maybe it's just that much else I can write this time. more or less please could you add.

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