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How to Register Facebook Account

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 15 Feb 2015

How to Register / Create Facebook account with Easy - Actually to register / create a Facebook account is not a difficult thing to do, if we've ever made. However, not for the first time want to sign up. In fact, the public interest is increasing from year to year related to the social media. Moreover, in developing countries, such as Indonesia, there is a distinct trend towards the use of Facebook or familiarly called FB.
As we all know that Facebook is the number one social networking site in the world. Facebook can help us to interact, relate, and hanging out with people in our lives. No wonder, if social media this one a place in society because it can bring our old friends and make it easier to connect with each other.
There are a variety of benefits that can be achieved if the join with social media, among others, (i) be in touch with friends, family, and classmates (ii) can promote your business products, (iii) to make a group, event invitations / event, fan page, etc., (iv) can increase traffic to your site.
Here are the steps.

How to Register / Create Facebook account.

1. Make sure before you start the registration Facebook, you are expected to have an account Email. If do not have, please create an email account first.

2. Please visit the site at this url Facebook www.facebook.com. Please fill out the registration form.
write your first name and last name
Your email address contents
rewrite your email address
browse password / password
specify date of birth
choose gender
Next, please click the Sign Up
facebook account

3. Next please click on Skip this step

4. Complete your profile information. After that, please click the Save & Continue

5. Next, click Save & Continue button again

6. Upload / upload your profile picture. Then click the Save & Continue

7. Please open your email in the Inbox / Inbox. You will get a confirmation message from the Facebook registration. Please open the message, then please click on the link / link in the message.

8. Congratulations !! You've successfully create a Facebook account. Click the OK button to continue.

I think enough for this time. Now it's time you were tried. Good luck! :)
Similarly, the information that I can share to you about How to Register / Create a Facebook Account Easily. May be useful to you all. Read Also : Add music on blog

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