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How to turn off the right-click on Blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 10 Feb 2015

turn off right click

this time I am only a little share of blog posts companions, that is on how to prevent copy and paste on the blog, In my opinion it is not too important, is a distinct advantage when our article in Copas (copy and paste), what if my friend who wants Copas include the source of the article, can add a back link right, an its own benefits.
But for my friend who feel that the article my friend is very important and is not willing to copy and paste, maybe it is quite useful to do. but this does not protect the content of your blog entirely, at least approximately enough to make people who intend to copy and paste a little confused when she was a newbie, because actually there is another way to can either copy and paste although there is blog article is protected with anti Copas script.
Without length, this time to protect a blog on blogger (blogspot) from the copy and paste is to disable right click, or better known by turning off right click. Here's a tutorial How to turn off the right-click on blogspot.
Login first to Blogger.com
From the Dashboard page, please go to Layout> Edit HTML
Then look for the <body> or <body (with the help of press Ctrl + F or F3)
Add the code below into the <body> or <body had been, or could also be replaced as well.
<body oncontextmenu = 'return false' onmousedown = "return false 'onselectstart =' return false 'onkeypress =" return false ">
You also could use some additional code, or all of them may well, it's up to your needs.

Here is explanation of the code above:

oncontextmenu = 'return false' (to turn off the right mouse click)
onmousedown = "return false" (to turn off the click of blocks down)
onselectstart = 'return false' (to turn off the block selection)
onkeypress = "return false" (to turn off the keyboard)

If so, Save your blog template.

Sorry if the previous tutorial does not work because I have not tried. for the demo please you see here DEMO.

Have a try and good luck my friend.

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