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Install Google Pagerank Button

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 7 Feb 2015

Google pagerank button is a button that useful to know the PageRank of web / blog. This button is helpful to know the amount of pagerank of web / blog we usually begin from 0-10 pagerank. If N / A means the web / blog there is a bit of a problem may be the web / blog is new and there are also several other factors. Installing pagerank button is not really necessary, but it would be nice if we put it on the web / blog respectively. According to my knowledge that I got from google with a read and read the article, he said with a put pagerank button then the web / blog we will also have a pagerank but within a period not necessarily, if our blog preferred by google then google will give pagerank to blog / web. Just as when installing the widget alexa Alexa. But all of them need the process, so what harm we tried.
pagerank button

How do install google pagerank button?

Please you see the tutorial how to install google pagerank button below:
1. Go to the Google PageRank Checker here
2. Put the link web / blog
3. Click Check PR
4. Then click on one of the images PageRank you like
5. After the click will appear script code
6. Copy the script code
7. Go to Blogger.com
8. Click the Layout => Add a Gadget
9. Select the HTML / Java Script
10. Paste the code that has been copied
11. Click Save

That's a little explanation from me about How to Install Button Google PageRank. More or less apologize.
Hope It Is Useful.
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