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Jongla, New Chat Application With Attractive Innovation

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 20 Feb 2015

Jongla, New Chat Application - The use of various chat applications are now making communication more practical. Each day, the modern society the upper middle class can establish communication through a variety of options #aplikasi chat. This trigger the emergence a lot of chat application quality with a wide selection of excellent features offered.

Details Of Chat Application Jongla

CEO Jongla, Riku Salminen claimed that Jongla.com created with the aim to facilitate communication is private between family members, relatives or close friends. So that the various features found on Jongla made with a simple display, easy to use and privacy priority.

When already downloaded and will use this one chat application, we will be presented with a green background color are quite striking. Before you can use the services provided Jongla, then we are required to register the phone number in advance, as a step in the application Line, #Whatsapp and KakaoTalk. After filling in the profile and password on Jongla, then we can use this chat application.

Entering the main view Jongla, we can feel that is similar to the look #BlackBerry Messenger. Various features Jongla placed on the sidebar on the left. The features contained in the left side bar, among others features chats, friends and find friends. While at the top there is a profile view us as users Jongla. In general, the user interface is designed Jongla clean and easy to operate, given that its main focus is targeting targets young age that do not want a complicated operation.

Various Fun and Useful Features of Jongla

Beyond providing a chat feature, Jongla also provides features that channel until the period of December 2014 has begun filled with several global and local media channels like a Tempo and Republika Online. The presence of channel feature is certainly reminiscent of the features found on the Channel BBM BlackBerry Messenger.
Other innovations also started Jongla the shop features. Feature allows users Jongla shop to purchase various funny stickers that come with sound and motion animation style.

Another feature offered by Jongla is attachment feature that allows us to share a video of #Youtube directly. With the support of a stable internet connection speed and quality, we can watch YouTube videos directly from Jongla.

always Innovating

Team development and director Jongla, P. Herrera Simangungsong claimed that Jongla still working and adapt to network conditions and tastes of the users of internet chat applications in Indonesia. This is evidenced by the latest version Jongla lighter and quota-efficient when compared with the first version Jongla which was launched in 2011.
Now we can try to use this Jongla application to download it for free in the Google Play Store, the iTunes App Store and Windows Phone Store.

Download link:

Attendance applications Jongla certainly be one of the reasons for a chat application similar to not get enough of innovate and strive to outperform the competition between applications chat

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