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Make Google Love Your Articles

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 13 Feb 2015

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ways to make Google love your article - There was no denying the current quality of the content is an important factor in SEO. Backlink which we know has been the main factor here is getting search engine rankings began dwindling role.

How to create articles that are preferred by Google

Well here I just wanted to share with my friend who might be wondering, "what the heck article in love google?"
Below is a list of things you can do to make the article more SEO friendly blog and get good ratings. Please observe ..

1. Put the keyword in the title of the article

The most basic thing that I think most of you already know, that is by putting keywords in the title of the article. Try to put the keywords in the front or the first word in the title.

2. Put keywords in URLs

One of which is also important is to put the keywords in the URL. For this you do not need too dizzy because most blog platforms, the URL of the article with the title of the article will adjust automatically.

3. Put the keywords in the meta description

Perhaps for this will not affect much but put the keywords in the meta description can help increase CTR, or the click-through rate of your blog on the search engines.
How do I install the meta description? for my friend please blogger users can read this post: SEO for Bloggers

4. Put the keywords in the first 100 words in article

The number of keywords or keyword density is not so important in my opinion, the most important are the keywords must appear at least in the first 100 words in the article. The earlier the better.

5. Article longer better

The length of the article should reach 600 words or more. Google likes long articles and reviews in detail.

6. Attach images relavan

Whatever the topic discussed pal article as much as possible to put an image that are relevant. One picture is enough, but more than one better.
The most important thing that should not be overlooked when installing an image is put on the ALT attribute.

7. Install video relavan

Not a necessity, but if possible pairs also are relevant video on your blog article in order to provide added value.

8. Use a bulleted list or table

If the article buddy displays a list of things it is better to use a bulleted list or a table rather than using plain text or images.

9. Install internal link

Posted a link to other relevant articles on our blog is quite important because it can help the search engines and also explore the content of our blog readers. Read Function Of Internal Link

10. Do not forget the external link

Many argue put outbound links will only reduce the quality of the article, but reality is the opposite. Replacing the outgoing links can provide value-added articles on your blog, origin ...:
Replacing the outgoing links that are relevant
Using nofollow attribute
Do not use the target keywords as anchor text
Posted a link to your blog / site authority (example: Wikipedia)

Preferably Google was nice, but favored by readers is the number one

Most bloggers are trying to make the article to be liked by google forgetting the main purpose why 
they make the article.
So here I want to remind you that favored by google is good, but the main thing is readers love your article.
Write an article that really your readers need.

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