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Maximize the Google Adsense Revenue

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 6 Feb 2015

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How to Maximize the Google Adsense Revenue

To earn a monthly income from adsense seems not an easy matter, it takes hard work and perseverance, because at least a minimum of $ 100 that we get, and we can melted, to get a value of $ 100, maximum within 1 month really need effort, there are some alternatives that we can try, so we adsense revenue more quickly reach the desired number, below tips that we can try to earn adsense quickly:

1. Using Blogs in English.

When we use the English language blog, our visitors are the target visitors from countries of the European continent (American, English, Japanese, Korean, etc.) that in fact the CPC (Cost Per Click) or cost per click for each advertisement, larger than the state local and some Asian countries such as Indonesia.
Based on information obtained in the countries of the CPC value continental Europe could reach $ 1 up to $ 10 for each clique, depending on the keywords that we targeted.

2. Select the type and size of the ad unit right

To get a better value CPC better we choose ad units of type images and text, while the size of the ad is better choose the size of the ad units below:

(300 x 250)
(336 x 280)
(120 x 600)
(728 x 90)

especially for advertising dimensions of 300, presumably these ads most in demand by the advertiser or the advertiser, the more advertisers using the ad, adsense wisely will be a lot of display ads with the highest CPC values, it is our opportunity to use these ad units.
As for the number of ads the better we outsource at least a maximum of 3 units on each page, the less it will increase the value of the CPC for each ad unit.

3. Put the ads on the right position

It is one of the techniques that should be used, proper placement of ads can increase the number of clicks on the ad units that we put on the blog, then where is the best position, the best position to place the ad unit is a point and position on our pages that are becoming the attention of visitors, some of the alternatives that we can use are:
1. Under the title of the post or above or in addition to the above positngan, size 300 x 200
2. Under after it posts the size of 336 x 280
3. beside the size of 120 600.

Such a simple article that I can share to you about Adsense Tips Maximizing Revenue, may be useful to you.

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